How is your habitual perception of feelings like joy and fear? Do you love the first and loath the latter? Of course you do. My point is that fear can also be a fabulous friend. Let me explain what I mean with this.

feel the fear - Patricia Mauerhofer

If you have been reading my blog before you may have thought, that I’m not congruent. Isn’t my message over and over again to inject lightness and find ways to enjoy yourself and what you’re doing?

Of course you’re right: Working with my private clients one on one is pure joy and bliss for me – most of the time.

After taking the big leap…

Often the fact to eventually break through a block or get unstuck creates feelings of release, lightness and power at first.

And then fear may creep up.

After taking big leaps we all may start to struggle. This is part of the process of surpassing existing boundaries and of growing.

I bet you know exactly what I mean. You just managed to make a big shift and get to the next level. This may be take a decision like hiring someone to get support or starting a new project or leaving behind a limiting believe. But then suddenly the fog comes up. Your brain freezes. You feel confused, stupid and alone.

I as the mentor and coach then face the joy of a new challenge in empowering my cochees to feel this fear that will allow them to embody the transformation they just experienced.

Don’t listen to this voice!

To assure you, I too do know these days when old thinking patterns sneak in.

You know, this little monster in your head telling you: “Wait, wait, this can’t possibly last.” or “You know that you have been struggling to cope with noisy places and crowds during your whole life; don’t pretend that you can handle it now, you can’t.”

What is your favourite tune? The mean thing is that they talk to us and sometimes we are not even aware of it!

What is different now for me – and for my clients with whom I have addressed this: we know that we don’t have to listen to these voices.

You are not alone!

One thing you must know: usually you have several ‘critics’ living in your head having an effect on your mind and your body and also on your efficiency and joy. And just ‘silencing’ those does sometimes work and sometimes this is not good enough.

One of my specialties it to help busy and successful women like you to learn to deal with this inner critic. Because these nagging voices show up even if we ARE successful and reach the goals we have set ourselves and work on ourselves relentlessly.


I experienced many times myself how the fear was creeping up! For example when I invested in a team member and raised my fix spending massively.

Feel the fear – and follow the joy

And as business mentors and friends who have been on this journey longer than I am have told me several times: when you feel this fear, and then follow the joy in taking the next step things will open up.

So once you face this fear and blast through it all you have to do is to watch things unfold with awe – and of course you also know that this means keeping up doing the inner and outer work that is the prerequisite for this kind of ‘miracle’ to happen.

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