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You can lead a life you’re completely in love with. One important skill you have to master is to stop being your own enemy and to start being your own ally instead. Learn to listen to your Inner Critic – let me show you how.

listen to the monsters living in your head

Find out what it needs to make the Inner Critic stop sabotaging you – to make it become your ally.

Here are three strategies on how to deal with your ‘Inner Critic’ I presented in the first part of this article:

  1. Ask the magic question: What would I enjoy doing today?
  2. Be happy now
  3. Become your own best friend

Finding a kind way to experience success relates to the art of being well every single day! This is the foundation of a successful life where you achieve outer success. You need to find inner peace and live aligned to your values to be able to create your best results and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Never forget: you are the writer, the director and the producer of your life. And your life happens now. You are creating your reality now.

Meet the beneficial voices in your head!

When I support women on their journey, part of the process is to find out how and where they want to (learn to) ask for and receive help, love, money etc. Another important aspect is to get them to know what I call their ‘Inner Coach’ and their ‘Inner Best Friend’. More about them soon.

The thing is, the critical voices in your head – there are several in fact – are often trying to tell you something. These ‘monsters’ want something good for you, they just do it in a clumsy and destructive way.

As your coach and mentor I can help you to learn to listen to them and to become conscious of what they really want to tell you.

How the Inner Critic becomes your ally

If you are a trained professional coach or psychologist, have a look at the book Who’s been living in your head. If you are not, I think it would be better to seek support to apply the techniques explained by Mary Goulding – which are fun and have helped me and my clients to effectively deal with those Inner Critics that regularly show up within us.

To make it short: you ‘materialise’ the voice, you start a dialogue with it and find out what it needs to make it stop sabotaging you – to make it become your ally.

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