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Do you remember a bright little child, a bookworm who loved to climb trees?

She was cheerful, courageous, and curious. Reckless. Not afraid!

She didn’t overthink things. She never felt stuck. She was a ray of sunshine ready to play, explore and encounter.

But then, little by little, she started to dim her light.

Somehow, she began to feel like an alien from another planet. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t figure out what made her so different.

 She started to wonder if she could ever find her place in life — personally and professionally. And then this pattern of questioning herself and feeling strange has become a habit. (But no one could tell, because she had mastered the art of camouflage!).

Fortunately this is not the end of the story…


Your Brightness is a Blessing, Not a Burden

And You Are Not Alone

My name is Patricia Mauerhofer

And I’m a mentor and guide for value-driven explorers.

I’m happy to report that you can find other extraordinary women and men here on planet earth.


No big deal. There are plenty.

Millions in fact. But they’re very good at hiding their brightness and brilliance.

Just the way you are… You are not alone!


I know what it’s like to have a mind which thinks so fast (and in several directions at once) and a heart that feels so deeply. I understand that your heightened sense of (in)justice and empathy can be exhausting.

Let me take you on an adventure that will allow you to unlock your potential because you deserve to own your power, and other people need your unique set of skills and brilliance.

(Don’t think! GO! You still know how to play rather than ponder! DO something, let her loose, she’s still there!)

You're Ready to Make a Difference

 You know that you have so much to give. And you’d love to step into your power.

But the truth is that the world and people around you easily create feelings of being overwhelmed or even exhausted. Don’t leave it at that!

What if I could teach you strategies about how to use your sensitivities as superpowers?

Would you love to make money while sharing your gifts and talents? Let me show you how to make a difference being you.

Could You Be Gifted?

Other people tell you, “you’re ‘too sensitive’, ‘too intensive’, too driven’, ‘too demanding’, ‘too all over the place'”.

They ask you, “can’t you slow down?”

What seems complex to others is simple for you  – and what seems easy for others is exhausting for you.

Might there be something you ignore?

Find out how bright & sensitive you really are.

You're Feeling Different

You are multifaceted, multi-interested and complex. You have felt like an alien for most of your life but you’re also great at masking who you really are.

You’d love to be understood and supported so you can unlock your potential and share your gifts with the world. Finding someone who ‘gets you’ is not easy (oh yes, I know about this as well). 

As your Mentor and Coach Patricia can guide you to stop postponing the important things, strengthen your self-confidence and unlock your potential.

Want to learn more about how to bend time?



To Your Bright Future & Brilliant Life