Mindful 5 Star Living for Sensitive Women

Hi and welcome! My name is Patricia. I am a Catalyst for highly sensitive and gifted women worldwide. I empower them to harness their talents and strengths and trust their inner voice so they can make smart choices and share their gifts with the world in the most authentic and powerful way.

Are you smart, sensitive and talented? If yes, read on…

You love to get results fast and are used to work hard. But you are feeling unfocused and dissipating your energy.

And if you’re honest, you are fed up with being successful in some areas of your life, but really dissatisfied in others.

You feel torn between the secret knowledge that you are superwomen with various talents and powers and at the same time not special at all, a mere speck in the universe.

If you want to

  • Enhance your life and legacy with a scientific assessment, coaching, play and Buddhist principles
  • quit working and trying so hard
  • live a zestful and happy life you truly desire
  • explore ways of being at ease in your mind AND in your body every single day (yes, this is possible!)

Contact me and let’s explore together how I can be serving you at the highest level.


My VIP Day with Patricia in Geneva was amazing. Patricia’s method of kind but tough really, really helped. (…) It was a completely bespoke experience. She has a plan but guides you gently. (…) I have learned so much about myself, about where I can go and the tools I’ve got to take me there.”
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Work and play with me

DSC_2353I can light the way to your brighter future and to your better self. Learn more about Patricia.

My mission is to shine a light for trail blazers with many talents. I empower and guide you to harness your special powers so you may love yourself – for who you are not for how you perform – and share your gifts authentically.

I guide you to a place where your feel confident and capable to master the skills of mindful 5 star living. 

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Patricia’s approach is very structured and considerate. I appreciated her analytical, thoughtful and discreet manners. I chose her as my coach because of her integrity and her professional background, knowing that she lives up to Buddhist values and ethics.
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I only work with a few women at a time and when I am persuaded to be of highest value to them. 

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