24 Character Strengths - character strength love

What’s Love Got To Do With Character And Strengths?

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I am making it my life’s mission to get 1000 bright women worldwide to flourish while using a key character strength: love. You can create wealth in this world by experiencing happiness here and now which will enhance the good you can do for others professionally as well privately.

24 Character Strengths - character strength love


When I work with my clients I’m using a scientific tool called the VIA Survey. The study and use of strengths is one of the pillars of positive psychology: The 24 Character Strengths of a Flourishing Life

One thing that makes me happy and getting into my flow every single day is my knowledge about my signature strengths. What do I mean by this?

Every human has these 24 strengths and uses them more or less consciously. I’m passionate about them because they are the key to a truly meaningful and good life.

Applying the traits where you are at your best allows you to flourish. And if you lead a happy life this has a ripple effect on the people you love and work with… Here’s an article that explains to you how to act out of your zone of excellence


How I use my strength of love

I’ve written 13 posts about spreading love during this 30-day Challenge – guess why? Because Love is one of my core strengths.

The VIA Classification defines Love as “valuing close relations with others, in particular, those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated; being close to people.”

And there are four types of love:

  • Attachment love: parent for child; child for parent
  • Compassionate/altruistic love: kindness
  • Companionate love: friendship
  • Romantic love: spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend

You can learn more about the VIA character strength of love here.


Why strengths matter

Knowing yourself better and looking at yourself with ‘strengths googles’ can be a life changer.

Learning about my unique strengths profile allowed me to realise that I’m not a ‘super-brainy’, results-oriented person as I saw myself. On the contrary, I ‘breathe love’ in all I do in the sense of ‘really and truly caring for the well-being of others’.

lao tzu quote - love

I understood that I have all the ingredients of inspiring hope, forgiveness and openness of mind to others and helping them to find meaning and kindness towards themselves as a mentor and coach. This was the kick I needed to dedicate my professional life to supporting other women.

The other day I was also very motivated to really walk my talk. You know, signing up to this challenge to publish 30 articles during 30 days has caused me some feelings of regret so far, but most of all a lot of joy. Why? Because writing about spreading love, being bold and having fun activates two other of my signature strengths: spirituality and love of learning.


Your turn now

Watch the video about the science of character here.

Did this intrigue you? If you want to put your Signature Strengths to use in a more conscious and effective way, find out how to Play to Your Strengths.

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