What motivates me

What motivates me

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When I learned about my ‘giftedness’ – and the reverse side of ‘being bright’ – at the age of 45 suddenly all made sense! Instead of feeling different, I focused more on how to make a difference and find my place in this world. This is what motivates me since then: I want you to stop hiding your brightness and lead a flourishing life, too.

What motivates me

Quite a few of my acquaintances learned about the topic of ‘giftedness’ or ‘extra intelligence and intensity’ because I started to share my story and how things shifted for me when I found out in 2016 that I was a Gifted Adult. I suddenly realized that there are millions of aliens ‘like me’ on planet earth. And I decided to focus even more on what I can and want to do to make this world a better place.


Challenging gender bias

The culture I grew up in (Switzerland, Europe) is biased valuing achievement over being, extraversion, and assertiveness over introversion and deep thinking. The whole world is still is dominated by ‘male’ values and ways of defining what is ‘normal’.

I am a feminist and want to contribute to close the gender gap. I dream of a world where we respect each other and include those that we perceive as ‘different’. I want to live in a world where diversity is cherished and valued because each and every human being is unique and precious.

I want gifted & talented women like us to claim the right to be ‘different’. As an advocate, I seek to inform and ‘enlighten’ the ‘undiscovered’ Gifted Adults so they can stop hiding and dimming their light.

OK to be different

I want to contribute to erasing stereotypes and prejudice. Humanity wins if the ‘majority’ understands better how and why many Bright Adults have a life that is maybe partly easier (because we have intellectual capacities which are highly valued, maybe overvalued in our modern societies) but partly also more difficult (because we are more driven, intense and complex and we experience life differently).

I want to contribute that bright young women and girls shall not have to question themselves as I did and shall love themselves and their quirky ways instead. This automatically has a ripple effect for everyone around them.

What motivates me?


I want you to simply be yourself

I have struggled to find a place on this earth. My fast mind and hypersensitive nervous system have both been a burden rather than a blessing to me in the past. I suffered from the suffering I see in the world and what human beings are capable of doing to each other (and animals and the environment).

I felt often like coming from a different planet. I felt ‘flawed’ and not capable of finding my calling in this world that so easily overwhelmed me.

On the flip side, I also always knew how to use my intellect and intuition to experience lots of love, joy, playfulness, and fulfilment – and I got used to teaching myself what no teacher or adult could teach me. Which is a blessing. Gifted children and adults seem to have a lot of ingenuity and resilience.

Be simply yourself - lao tzu

What motivates me eventually is to create a library of embodied knowledge, a strong non-violent army of smart-sensitive women and men who will teach all girls and boys from an early age how to respect others and how to use their uniqueness for their own wellbeing and the greater good.


What I wish for you

I want you to find your place on planet earth and your calling. As you are multifaceted, multi-interested and multitalented the key is focusing on less. You must make smart choices in order to have it ‘all’: inner peace, happiness, getting and doing what you want (without harming others or the environment) in all dimensions of life: mind-body health, relationships, career & lifestyle and self-expression.

Let me show you how to get a life and build a business full of joy, love, and meaning.

Bright women like us must find ways to harness their sensitivities, channel their intensity, and foster their creativity. Writing and artistic self-expression are perfect ways to calm down, counterbalance, and complement the intellectual-mental overdrive and our thirst for learning and understanding.

If we Bright Women (and men) lead the way, highly sensitive & gifted girls and boys will learn to feel unique and precious through being themselves rather than through trying to fit in. Together we can transform gender-biased perceptions around sensibility, so it is seen and valued as a strength rather than a weakness.

Together we can change this world

I wish for all Bright Women to shine fully, to share their gifts with the world. Acknowledging that they are Gifted Adults is the first step to take…

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2 responses to “What motivates me”

  1. When you don’t feel like you belong, or people don’t get who you are, you will tend to isolate yourself. At least in my experience, that’s what I do, because it’s easier.

    However, I am much more comfortable as you are with my quirkiness, my thirst for discovery and desire to explore.

    I like being different and I enjoy what you have opened up for bright women.

    1. This is so true Dale. And I know too many women who ‘opted out’ instead of ‘leaning in’ at least during some time in their lives. The quirky ones have so much to offer to fellow explorers and the world. That’s why it makes me happy to read that you like being ‘different’. Thanks for your encouraging words. May you shine brightly!

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