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What is the secret for smart women like you to overcome big challenges? It’s simple: it’s a question of trust. If you want to be the true leader of your life, you have to trust. If you open up and are not afraid of being vulnerable and getting help you can always succeed. If you embrace love, you can trust life.


Sometimes life gets really tough. Now here is the secret: in order to get back control over your life you have to let go. You have to surrender – and to trust. As Björk sings in this most amazing song All is Full of Love: “You’ll be given love. You’ll be taken care of. You’ll be given love. You have to trust it.”

Smart folks love challenges, at least the ones that are picked by themselves. But you know all too well that, suddenly, there may be unexpected obstacles or roadblocks in your way. Sometimes life throws us lemons – and making lemonade does not work in all situations! So what can be done?

I was asked the other day if I have a sentence that I am telling myself in such a difficult situation. When you feel stuck. When you feel hit and confused and small and don’t know what to do. There are three:
1: I can handle anything.
2: I (already) have what I need. And if not…
3: I trust that I’ll get the help and support I need. (Hint: you may have to ask for it.)

On another level, I trust that overcoming this obstacle will always teach me something and allow me to grow.


Embrace love – trust life

Every single person I have coached since 2007 came to a point in the process where there was only one thing left to do. To successfully overcome big challenges that you have not chosen in the first place you must trust fully in your capacity to face and overcome difficulties.

Of course, this is much easier if you already are capable of loving yourself for who you are (and not how you perform).

Trust in finding the pace that is necessary to achieve what you’re up to.

Sometimes this means: stopping and watching your addiction to being busy that prevents you from feeling and experiencing what really is going on inside you.

Stop and watch your breath and let your mind and your body calm down. If there is no other way, let the chaos take over for a little while and just FEEL whatever comes up.

Ask yourself: what is this really all about?

Feel frustrated, anxious, revolted, stirred up. Don’t judge. Don’t analyse. Just feel, not trying to change it.

Watch these feelings – and let them go!

Allow yourself to feel and receive the love that is all around us.

You can trust life! Because all is full of love!

(And don’t forget to smile please!)


Your turn now

Take a few minutes and shut out all distractions.

Choose one thing you’ve been struggling with lately or are still worrying about.

Feel the feelings. Whatever feelings.

Let go.

Remind yourself: these are mere feelings. They’ll pass like anything else.

Trust that you will find a way to handle this.

Trust that you’ll get the support you need.


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Photo: flickr, Daniele Dalledonne

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