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On Friday (day 8 of the 30 day Blogging Challenge) I seriously regretted having signed up. Why? Because giving up or letting a day pass without a published post is out of question. Who says that? Me. The real challenge is: how can I keep it simple and sweet?

love-take a break

Sometimes less is more. If you said yes to something and then it gets hard, find a way to make it easy and fun again.

Today I decided to take a break.

Has it ever happened to you that you committed to something? And as you promised (to someone else or to yourself) you felt trapped. You even may have cursed yourself or at least really regretted at some point that you said yes.

Because women like us, when we really mean it, can’t withdraw… We can’t because we stick to our word.

My priority this month (according to plan) was to focus on short-term goals… Then I signed up for this 30 Day Challenge… It’s the third in a row I signed up for. The other two (about being an expert and using Twitter) I didn’t intend to take seriously and commit.

Why not just give up?

This time it’s different. I meant it. I decided to do it and I’ll stick with it!


Because this challenge allows me to tap into my zone of excellence and to apply my top three signature strengths that are spirituality, love, and love of learning.

Because it completely aligns with my long-term goals and vision and my mission as an entrepreneur.

Because you absolutely need to be clear on which small actions you take in your life and your business you are 100% committed to which will mean that you’ll just carry on doing them no matter what. This is because you have understood the effect of compounding brilliantly explained in the book The Slight Edge.

My motivation is clear, it’s just that I have many other things on at the moment and that taking time out for myself, reflection, fitness, strolling in the sun, and playing the piano is important to me next to serving my clients and looking after my loved ones.

And you can’t do it all and all at the same time. That’s what I’m teaching (or you may even say preaching) over and over again.

Keep it simple and sweet

Giving up is out of the question. But this challenge brings up these old patterns about setting standards and what is good enough etc. I bet you know that one, too.

Therefore, I promised myself to keep it short and sweet – and have fun writing.
And today, while this post is published, I’m out hiking in the Swiss mountains… (thanks to modern technology this is as easy as can be.)

Cheers! I hope you enjoy your day, too!

With love, Patricia


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