Our mind and our body are not separate entities! The more we embody feelings of love, joy and compassion, the less we will struggle with the inevitable ups and downs of life we’re facing. The more we are detached from feelings of hatred, aversion and greed the freer we become.

Spread love - smile with your heart

“Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” – Yoko Ono

Western medicine slowly starts to acknowledge the effect the psyche has on the soma (body), but specialists still treat either psychological or physical disorders.

Harnessing the mutual influence of our minds and our body, learning to feel our feelings, articulate them and use them is an art that should be taught at school in my humble opinion. Training one’s empathy should be mandatory along with communication skills and other aspect of emotional intelligence.

I still nurture hope that our societies will evolve in a way that will allow this. Our educational system insists very much on knowledge that can be measured and reproduced ‚objectively‘. Facts that can be memorized, compared and sometimes applied in real life, too.

Just feel, but watch your thoughts

I strongly believe that if we learn to be well here and now, if we master the art of happiness in the present moment, everything else will ‚fall into place‘. Outer success follows happiness and not the other way around.

Learn to embrace your feelings, the ‚negative‘ and the ‚positive‘, learn to watch and master your thoughts. (see post Spread Love – trust life)

In one of the upcoming posts we’ll discuss how you can actively overcome the negativity bias that keeps us trapped in a way of focusing on what is wrong and what should change.

Your turn now

We take the smiling exercise a step further:

  • Make sure your body posture is relaxed
  • You close your eyes
  • Smile with your face (mouth and eyes!)
  • Think a thought that reinforces the emerging state of happiness inside you
  • Now you focus on your heart.
  • Embody the smile and happy feeling further
  • Try to smile with your heart*

* I learned about the concept of ‘smiling with the heart’ while reading the a book about the Tao of Love. It’s an attitude of benevolent care and kindness toward oneself whit the aim to suffuse every cell of our body.

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Photo: Wikimedia commons, Jopparn



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