Blogging allows me to ‘spread my love’.  The consequence of putting myself ‘out there’ in the public arena, is accepting that not everyone is going to like what I do. Today I decided to be very bold and post two videos that made my laugh (and think a little bit, too).

Charlie Brown

In February this year, I decided to stop hiding in the shade and to start shining my light and do all I can to attract the women into my life I can truly serve with my unique gifts and skills.

Life lessons

I committed to share my message – and my love – with the world and everyone ready to hear it: There is a kind way to experience success! In other words, it is possible to be successful and to have your best life, tapping into your strengths and mind-body wisdom without neglecting or harming yourself.

One thing about spreading my love is that I have to put myself ‘out there’ in the public arena, knowing that not everyone is going to love what I do.

That’s why I committed also to be bold and to take a stand for my believes and values.

And finally, I decided that I’ll always make it as fun as possible. I want to enjoy the ride! Otherwise I would not be walking my talk.

Lesson #1 – Figure something out

Fozzie and various Muppets dressed as flowers sing “Good Day Sunshine”. Partway through the song the power in the theater goes out, so everyone is blocked. Kermit says to Fuzzie Bear: “figure out something” – and they switch to “Dancing in the Dark.”

Lesson #2 – Rejoice in the trivial little things all around you

Cultivate an attitude of awe and wonder. If you’re curious about something go and have a look like Charlie Brown and his friends: “Happiness is two kinds of ice cream, (…) is anyone and anything at all”.

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PS: this post is part of a 30 day blogging challenge.

Photo: flickr


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