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You want to contribute to make this world a better place. Have you found a way to do this while being at your best? Without harming yourself? If you are an HSP woman on a mission read on and find out how you can realise your purpose and magnify your impact while thriving yourself.

There are many people in the world suffering on a survival level on a daily basis. The images of war, famine and pestilence we see watching the news remind us who are living in the rich countries in the northern hemisphere of what we have. Being born in Switzerland, I always considered myself as a ‘lucky one’. Let me share with you my journey from a naïve Swiss travelling around Guatemala at the age of 20 to becoming a teacher and mentor for bright women like you almost 30 years later (it was not a straight forward path…)

As you know: for everyone life is not always easy. It can even get quite challenging. One thing became obvious for me since I started coaching women who want to ‘change the world’ and serve others in 2007: they are not always great at staying well themselves…


Working for the Red Cross

I studied International Relations because I wanted to contribute somehow. Born in one of the wealthiest countries of the world, I was drawn to do humanitarian work for example with the International Committee of the Red Cross. Nevertheless, after finishing my Master’s degree I realised that going abroad and putting myself in an environment where war, starvation and torture was going on would be too heavy for me.

A few years later I managed to make my dream come true: I worked for the Swiss Red Cross as an Information Officer. From my office in Berne, Switzerland, I was researching and writing about the fate of the ‘poorest’ – the victims of war, famine and communicable diseases and what the Red Cross professionals and volunteers did to alleviate the suffering every day.


Facing the hard truth

It took me several years and some tragic loss to realise that doing this kind of work was ‘too much’ for me.

Credit: USAID Photo, Natalie Hawwa, CC BY-ND 2.0

Fact is: focusing all the time on this kind of suffering in the world affects me negatively. Being very empathic, hypersensitive and with a vivid imagination is fabulous in certain contexts. However, just seeing the picture above of Nepal – a long time after the devastating earthquake – still provokes a mild mind-body (stress-)reaction. What about you?

Could it be, that you, too, dear reader have found it challenging to accept and to respect your boundaries?

Did you know that for an HSP or Highly Sensitive Person that is a High Sensation Seeker at the same time, these boundaries are quite different than for most people? I describe the struggle in this article about being a Princess and the Pea as well as a lioness at heart.


HSP woman on a mission – what to do?

We all suffer! Suffering is part of the human condition: we have to face death, grief, physical pain, sorrow or mental pain and despair.

Those of us that are not prone to earthquakes, warfare or hunger suffer, too. How can we HSP women on a mission contribute to making this world a better place? There are at least three ways:

1     You can alleviate this kind of survival suffering by allocating money to trustworthy and well-established organisations. Choose one or very few and concentrate your money there, that’s the most effective way there is! If you are already juggling a demanding job, raising kids, looking after relatives and having very little time for yourself this can be good enough!

2     I know a few people who have founded their own charities or started micro-projects in developing countries as well – this involves quickly quite some of your time, energy and money. If this sounds great to you, please consider the following. Some of these small and often personal initiatives are wonderful and effective. However, the question remains if they are sustainable once the founder is out of sight, Secondly, quite a few of these micro-initiatives cover needs that the government is supposed to meet with public funds. Thirdly, many address one problem in a ‘vertical’ way which means providing some kind of specific help to ‘orphaned’ children or drug users or pregnant women without touching at fundamental or structural problems. Having worked for one of the biggest Swiss players in the humanitarian field and having seen the ‘tiny’ impact it could make in clearly defined areas, and while working with local NGOs and public authorities, I have mitigated feelings about very small initiatives with lots of goodwill but maybe less of technical know-how and skills.

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3          Find out what special gifts you have and how you can best share it with others! If you are an HSP it’s imperative to figure out where you can have a positive and lasting impact for others, doing what you love and/or care about while staying well yourself. You needn’t be addressing survival needs or so something for the most disadvantaged persons on the planet. You can raise inclusive and conscious kids, empower children in the town you live through workshops in positive psychology or emotional intelligence, advocate for animals, volunteer to read poetry to elderly people or teach migrants singing or French lessons. Find a way to contribute that humans produce less waste and preserve the environment rather than to destroy it. You can also simply share your artwork or knowledge with others – the possibilities are endless. The important part here is that what you do serves others AND that this brings you joy next to meaning.


Magnify your impact!

The big question I had kept asking myself after facing the truth was: how can I support and empower others while being at my best?

I am a catalyst. One of my special gifts is to empower ethical, sensitive and creative women like you to love themselves for who they are, set strong boundaries, focus their drive and many talents so they can serve others or a greater good and thrive themselves.

I have found a way to make a difference in this world without suffering myself – and today I can empower you to do the same.


Receive the support and guidance you deserve!

Are you having too many talents, multiple interests and don’t know where to start?

You are a committed HSP woman on a mission to make a difference in the world. Receive the support and guidance you deserve to realise your vision and live your purpose.

If you are ready to stop thinking, focus your energy and time wisely and start to magnify your impact book a strategy session to talk with Patricia.


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