Are you a high achiever, living in a period of pressure and feeling stuck? The first step to take: find out how wealthy you are. I have a free WorkPlaySheet for you; it’s called the Wheel of Wealth. Learn how to change things for the better starting right away.

how wealthy are you

I have a special gift for you or any bright women feeling trapped in the Hamster Wheel. It’s another Wheel, a Wheel of Wealth.

You are a successful business owner, specialist or manager and you’ve worked hard for it? You genuinely love what you do, because getting great results for your clients and/or your company doesn’t feel like work, it’s your passion.

The only problem that remains: you’re working more than ever, and feel constant pressure to performing full time. Often times the responsibility feels like a heavy burden you can’t seem to move away from.


Find out how wealthy you are

The Wheel of Wealth (Wheel of Life) is my basic assessment tool for 121 coaching clients.

It’s also what the bright women in the My Brilliant Life Academy do first in Module 1. I offer it to you as my gift.

Checking your satisfaction with life is the first step you have to take.

You must figure out where and how you already are wealthy and at the same time where you may have to do something sooner or later to feel rather to completely satisfied as well.

Quote Bob Marley

Once you’re clear on what feels right and what feels wrong (in terms of satisfaction) you can then start to build a life you’re completely in love with.

You are not yet living a life you’re in love with? Read this.


Are you chasing time?

Do you long to have more time for yourself and loved ones and adding space, joy and lightness to your life?

Is it time for you to stop pushing so hard and receiving the support you need?

I know what it feels like. I was there and turned my own life around.

If you’re thinking that you have no time to do this kind of exercise, I very much encourage you to take the time.

Drawing the outline of the Wheel of Wealth will give you an overview of your current situation. It also shows you in which area(s) you can set objectives and do something to increase your life satisfaction. Sometimes small changes can have a huge impact.


How does your Wheel turn?

You can coach yourself looking at your Wheel by asking:

  • What are your insights when you look at your Wheel of Wealth?
  • What could you do to increase your satisfaction with your life?
  • Where would it be easy to make a little progress fast?

Everything has a price. Staying stuck not knowing how or what to change is a huge price to pay.


Write down the answers.

Take this first step to getting off the Hamster Wheel safely NOW

The return on investment will be great!

I can support you to get a smooth ride on your life’s journey again swiftly. If you’re committed to stepping into your power and crafting a brilliant life right away book a strategy call.

To your brilliant life, you’re completely in love with!

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