Highly Sensitive Woman – would you love to flourish?

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If you are a highly sensitive woman the world can easily overwhelm you. Maybe you have tried to dim your empathy or to follow (more or less) well meant advice to get a ‘thicker skin’. But I’m afraid this is not how it works. You need to take 2 steps in order to use the gifts of sensitivity and then, as a 3d step, you need to play to your unique key strengths.


The psychologist Elaine Aron coined the term ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ or HSP for people like us. There are as many highly sensitive women as men, but I strongly believe the gender biases which are still prevailing in our societies make us live with it (and perceive, believe as well interpret certain things) rather differently. Want to find out if you are highly sensitive?.

May I ask you a question?

Are there times where you hate yourself for being so ‘overly’ sensitive, for having such a thin skin, for taking ‘everything’ so much to heart, for needing time on your own after activities ‘out there’ in a world that so easily overwhelms you?

Don’t despair! You’re not doomed!’re just a Highly Sensitive Woman (and you can be proud of it).

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There are three steps to take in order to thrive and to unleash your potential fully.

Step 1 – Acknowledge

Fortunately, for me what I described above is the past. Learning about my special personality trait of highy sensitivity, maybe 15 years ago, was the first step to love myself and to access my inner power fully.

Note: it’s NOT a condition or flaw. We’re just different. Our brains, nervous system and the way we process stimuli and emotions are different.

Step 2 – Readjust your lifestyle

You need to thorougly understand to what extent this difference in ‘sensory processing’ imperatively needs to be adressed by changes in lifestyle and attitude.

Learning how to respect your boundaries as well as taking excellent care of your body and mind is the second step to take. Because we Highly Sensitive Women have to do certain things that others don’t.

Step 3 – play to your strengths

In 2013 I did a first short training and invested in a coaching one-on-one with Donna Mayerson, one of the leading authorities in the research around the 24 VIA Character Strengths. In a nutshell, the strengths survey helps us to discover and use what is best in us.

This coaching was a turning point in my life and career which was the final boost I needed to go for my biggest dream: to build an international business as coach and mentor in order to serve smart and sensitive women worldwide.

I would like any highly sensitive woman to flourish!

My mission is to empower at least 1000 bright and talented women like you to play to their strengths and flourish as well. Did you know that less than 20% of us humans believe that they are flourishing?

In 2014 I did a special training on how to use the VIA Strengths Survey when coaching clients.

Unleash your potential NOW

Would you like to decide easily what to focus on while using your innate strengths consciously and authentically?

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I have created a special offer in order to empower sensitive, ethical and multifaceted women like you to thrive:

+ Discover your unique gifts (Signature Strengths) and how to make best use of them.

+ Uncover who you really are – this scientific personality assessment and bespoke coaching will not only make you love yourself better but will also

+ improve your relationships, and

+ magnify the impact your can make through your work and life.

Access Your Personal Power NOW.

I blend Science and Conscious Communication in my tailor-made coaching one-on-one.

I can guide and coach you in English, French, German and Swiss German (and I understand and speak Italian and Spanish, too).

Send me a message if you have a question or need clarification or schedule a complimentary 15 minutes decision making call.

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