We have seen how you can feel better by moving muscles in your face and by adjusting the whole body. Now, if you add to this the power of the mind and the magic of words, you’ve got the basic toolbox you need to be happy whenever you choose. How does that sound?

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In an earlier post we showed that we can generate an emotion (happiness) by faking a smile. Paul Ekman was one of the first researches focusing on the universality of emotions. Feelings are the cornerstone of understanding the mind-body connection and how we can use them to live a life we’re completely in love with.

The healing power of emotions

I came across Paul Ekman and his work while reading the book Destructive Emotions. How we can overcome them?. This summary of a 5 day Conference held in 2000 is one of a series of publications that touch at the very heart of what I’m passionate about: the interdisciplinary dialogue between different scientific fields and Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

The first book of this series I studied was Healing Emotions: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on Mindfulness, Emotions, and Health from the 1990 Mind and Life Conference, also edited by Daniel Goleman, the bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence. In this spiritual-scientific dialogue Buddhist teachers and Western psychologists, physicians, and scientists discussed the question: can the mind heal the body?

The Buddhist tradition says yes – and now more and more Western scientists are beginning to agree.

These dialogues have recently caused further interdisciplinary research on the contribution of Buddhist conceptions and practices to psychology for all those who seek to improve the quality of their lives.

Smile and add powerful thoughts

I can’t stress enough the power of this simple ‚tool‘ you have at hand anytime. The more you get used to smile when it gets a little tough, the easier you will be able to shift negative emotions and get back in a state of power or even bliss.

It starts with small things. For example during Zumba classes I sometimes forget to smile and concentrate more on the effort… until I catch a glimpse of my grim face in the mirror – and remember to smile.

This is not sterile theory; it works! It’s about focus and habits.

Try it out, if you don’t believe me. 

Become proficient, if you have already experienced its beneficial effect.


  • You always start by smiling.
  • And then you add an affirmation that works for you like „this is easy!“ or „I can do this.“ „Life is beautiful.“ or „I feel happy right now.“
  • Let the magic unfold.

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PS: this post is part of a 30 day blogging challenge.

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