In a strategy session Patricia helped me see things I couldn’t see myself.

"I really enjoyed her unique playful way of guiding me through my block. This short session helped me take massive action that I was previously avoiding and tiptoeing around."

Simona Frumen  //  Conflict Management Coach and Mediator, Slowenia //

Realize how powerful you already are.

Dr Irina Schurov explains how the Play to Your Strengths Assessment and Patricia’s question helped her to get a boost of self-confidence and crystal clear on her ideal client. This now allows her to focus her time and energy on a strong message and clear marketing strategy in order to change millions of lives of children on the autism spectrum and with learning disabilities for the better.

Dr Irina Schurov  | Neuroscientist, Nutrition & Health Coach, Switzerland |

I used to believe I am being selfish if I put my needs first - and with Patricia's support I rewired this concept.

"After working with Patricia, I now feed myself with the actual results of how much more I can support others when I am in a good shape. I think that for us Highly Sensitive People or HSP this balance between giving and taking is crucial."

Roxana Cernescu  //  Founder/Educator, Romania //  The Highly Sensitive Woman

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Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte

Patricia taught me how to use my sensitivity for the best.
"Before I started coaching sessions with Patricia I was having huge doubts about my business and my capacity to be self-employed. Patricia helped me gain confidence in myself, my abilities, and connect the dots between my personal life and my professional life, by bringing to awareness some toxic patterns of behaviour.
I felt very supported all the way. Patricia, through the Academy, also gave me lots of very useful and relevant material. I really enjoyed her authenticity, the examples she had to give, of her own experience, made me feel less alone and more "normal" as being gifted is not seen that way. She taught me how to use my sensitivity for the best. I was surprised by some of the exercises, as they were very playful. I enjoyed the mix of seriousness and lightness of being in her coaching approach, which are both part of me as well.
I would totally recommend Patricia if you are also highly sensitive and gifted, as she will help you embrace these parts of yourself to learn how to love yourself fully, which personally I see as the answer to everything! "

Sylvie Meynier Therapist specializing in burnout, Switzerland ,

Sylvie Fracchia
Je me réjouis chaque jour de ma capacité à savoir exactement quoi faire lorsque j'ai des doutes ou des frustrations.

"Grâce au soutien de coaching de Patricia j'ai eu l'agréable surprise de :
1- Retrouver la liberté de décisions qui est en lien avec mes valeurs;
2- Découvrir la détente sans scrupule;
3- Utiliser mon énergie de façon paisible pour travailler;
4- Me faire plaisir à moi toute seule."

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My VIP Day with Patricia in Geneva was amazing.

Every time I have a session with Patricia, she is like a warm hug. I always come away with a feeling of calm and achievement.
She has a very gentle way of teasing out the problem, and gets right down to the heart of it. She is challenging; never lets you get away with anything, but it’s done in such a way that you feel uplifted and enlightened. I have moved on from blocks I hadn’t realised I had.
I would recommend Patricia to anyone. Whatever your position in life or work, I’m sure she will be able to help you reach your very highest potential.

Sue Wilkinson - Designer, Coach, UK

Working with Patricia has been an enlightening and inspirational experience.

"Patricia created a unique learning opportunity for me to gain insight, clarity and providing me as well with tools to re-align my body and mind. The empowering message is: I can be playful, in-love with the Universe, and iconic by being true to and loving myself."

Fiona Strafford  //  Artist, Switzerland

Deepanjali S
I am more assertive at work and when dealing with people...
"The Strengths Coaching was another moment of clarity with regards to my views of myself. This session really helped me to move into my top strengths of Spirituality, Hope, Perspective and Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence with assurance, confidence and acceptance. As a result of this I am more assertive at work and dealings with people. I am now giving workshops and have been interviewed for magazines."
Deepanjali Sapkota | Programme Manager & Life Coach, Switzerland


Patricia managed to bring in lightness.

Coaching sessions with Patricia always brought me a lot of clarity. She has a gift of swiftly getting to the point where one has to work, and I learned a lot about my way of thinking and operating.

Her quiet, clear and respectful way helped me to see my situation quickly from another angle. I felt accompanied with great respect and attention.

Patricia managed to bring in lightness, which allowed me to let go the often anxious and heavy parts which accompanied my decisions. She was able to suggest surprising exercises and regularly I went away from our sessions feeling lighter, motivated and amazed by how successful she was in “housecleaning my mind”.

Rita Rütsche - Well-being practitioner, Switzerland


I now love myself as I never did before.

When we started the coaching sessions, I was exhausted, frustrated and confused. With every session, things became a bit clearer, my energy came back.

I had a lot of breakthroughs during this journey with Patricia. Every time we spoke was full of golden nuggets, but if I had to tell the most important shift she helped me to make, it would be this one: I now love myself as I never did before, truly and sincerely – and I make choices according to this new perspective. For we cannot love others if we don’t love ourselves.

If you are trapped in some way or don’t know what the next step in your life is, do not hesitate. Patricia will guide you along the way, softly and precisely at the same time, never judging or counseling: just helping you unfold what’s inside of you!

Marie-Laure PhD Student & Lecturer at University, Switzerland

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Get unstuck and start moving into your bright future NOW. One session can be enough to change your life forever.



I’m glad I followed my intiution – it was infinitely worthwhile.

I was drawn to Patricia, inexplicably. When we connected, neither of us had any agenda. However, I was stuck, I thought in my business and so I booked a VIP Day with Patricia.

It turns out, unsurprisingly now, it wasn’t the business that was stuck, it was me.

Patricia has a totally honest style abut her and with humour is able to dig deep within you and surprise you. It is so gentle through that it is only afterwards that you connect the dots and realise the freedom revealed.

I adore Patricia’s approach. She is very much led by what works with the individual and with me that is humour; visualisations and the blunt truth but all done in a nurturing way.

Misti Bliss Business Mentor