You’ve certainly heard about the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule: get 80% of your results investing 20% of your time is one of my favorite applications of it. As female business owner we have to stick to it and let go of perfectionism – a huge challenge for quite a few of us. Read on why it’s worthwhile practicing this habit.

Are you’re a business owner who achieves the results you want? You’ve done the ‘mind homework’: you know your vision, have the right mind-set, defined your strategies and written down your plans. Maybe you also have a Bucket List (what you want to achieve/see/do before you die), defined your main areas of focus for this year and set up your Not-to-do-list. Great!

And when it comes to action? Do you also take massive action? This is where you get the stuff done. Or do you procrastinate? We all know this one from time to time. I love, love, love this little reminder about how it DOESN’T WORK if we’re up to more.

You have to actually do things to get these results and outcomes. Becoming successful needs constant and consequent action and implementation.

That’s why good is better than perfect!

Done is better that perfect

And why do I think I have to talk about this? It probably reassures me that I can post this little video about my Free Guide. Without editing it!

In my Special Report and in this video I share with you

  1. When is the best time and where is the best place to implement things that will lead to your success.
  2. The ingredients you need. These 24 hidden treasures you have inside you and that allow you to get into the flow and bring out the best in you.
  3. The third Secret shows you the six paths to well-being and true, holistic success in your business as well as in your life.

I decided to give it one take and to ‘put it out there’.

Because as it says in The Cult of Done Manifesto point 3 ‘There is no editing stage’.

And take this from someone who edited translations of books and wrote / edited PR and fundraising texts during more than 10 years. (To be upfront with you: I do edit my blog posts – once after having written the first draft and put them aside for a little while).

It’s not perfect at all. But it’s done

I didn’t know where exactly the camera is (and I should look at) in the inversed mode of the iPhone video. The fact of holding the phone in front of me was not ideal for my mind-body to be at ease and to stay in the flow. And, you can ‘see’ me think sometimes, I didn’t rehearse what I wanted to say.

But you know what? I also know that you ‘get me’ if you watch this video. If you’re curious – curiosity is one of the 24 Character Strengths and one of my Signature Strengths–, you’ll get to know me a little bit. And that’s great!

I’m not perfect. But I try hard to get better at stopping perfectionism and to excel in accepting that good is most of the time good enough 😉

Do you agree?

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