Practice Gratitude

Practising Gratitude is Fun and the Key to Happiness

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If you are bright, empathic and sensitive you have a kind of ‘duty’ to find out how to be happy here and now. Life consists of ups and downs; the truth is, you control much less than you think. In the present moment, what you focus on expands. Practising gratitude is a powerful way to find joy, have fun and lead a happy life.

Practice Gratitude
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On the picture above you see the cover of my gratitude journal (I got from a dear friend): today I am grateful to share my life with a wonderful husband, for my beautiful garden and that I am able to share my knowledge with bright people like you. Practising gratitude works! Try it out and see how your life will change for the better.

In anticipation of a trip to Myanmar, I watched a documentary. I was deeply touched by the joy and gratitude of a young woman who got electricity and 5 light bulbs in her small hut. Now she’s able to braid little baskets as well in the evenings.

This humbled me and made me think of all the thousands of material things in my life I take for granted… How lucky I am! How lucky we are!


Life can be a struggle

In the post Have fun – look on the bright side of life, I asked you to look what happens to your mind and your body if you think: “Life is a struggle.”

What you believe to be true (consciously and unconsciously) will have a big impact on your ‘reality’. Your beliefs influence your thoughts, your feelings, the actions you take or don’t take and the meaning you give to things. Understanding this will not leave you gloomy and depressed, on the contrary.

That’s why I write about love, compassion, the power of emotions and having fun on this blog.

Because in the present moment, you can be happy and at ease. Always. Under any circumstances. And practising gratitude is a very easy shortcut to achieve this.


How to be happy now

Go-getters like us would like to control everything; set up plans and make them happen. Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately who knows exactly – life often presents us with challenges and surprises.

I’m not talking about the glass being half full or half empty here. I’m talking about the drops or sips of water you can see in the ‘almost empty’ glass.

You always have the choice to focus on what’s lacking or what is there. You can always be grateful for what you have.

practising gratitude

It sounds easy. And – unlike other simple things – it also is very easy to apply, in your work, your home, your close relationships, in fact in every area of your life.


Practising gratitude works

Emmons Gratitude worksI came across the power of gratitude while studying positive psychology. Did you know that Gratitude is one of 24 Strengths that all individuals possess? Maybe even a Signature Strength.

If you want to practise gratitude more consciously (and learn all the scientific evidence why this is a really good investment of your precious time) I can highly recommend the book Gratitude Works! A Twenty-One-Day Program for Creating Emotional Prosperity by Robert A. Emmons.

I have tried it myself and seen the magic with many of my clients. Practising gratitude on a daily basis does work. Give it a try.

Cultivating the habit of focusing on what you have and counting your many blessings shall make a huge and lasting difference for your wellbeing and happiness!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stop dreaming big!


Your turn now

Make it a habit to focus on all the tiny little, medium size and huge things in your life you can be grateful for!

Buy a gratitude journal.

Set up a routine: choose a time of the day (for example after dinner) where you write down three things you are grateful about.

Writing these three things down, every day for some time, will make you focus more on all you have and all that already is brilliant in your life. It will also enhance your ability to be present and to be happy here and now.

And never forget: enjoy and have fun doing this ‘exercise’ 🙂

If you want to learn an easy way to have fun while working smart, not hardclick here to Play To Your Strengths.

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4 responses to “Practising Gratitude is Fun and the Key to Happiness”

  1. NA avatar

    Fantastic post Patricia, so many top tips threaded throughout, thank you.

    1. Patricia Mauerhofer avatar

      Thank you for commenting Nis. I’m glad you found it useful. Wish you a great day.

  2. Corinne Rodrigues avatar

    I’ve learned in the last few years to practice gratitude in all circumstances. Yes, there are days I slip up and forget to be grateful. But overall it’s been a life-changer for me!
    Have a good trip to Myanmar.

    1. Patricia Mauerhofer avatar

      I’m happy to hear that you know the power of gratitude from your own experience. Thanks for sharing and for your good wishes Corinne. Have a beautiful day!

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