Have you been wondering dear reader what a brilliant life might be? Congratulations if the answer is yes because this means that you have applied the strengths of curiosity and/or love of learning. Knowing about and using one’s top strengths is one of the four pillars of what I call leading a brilliant life. There are three others.

four pillars brilliant life

This blog and my work are about how to be happy here and now and how to contribute to the greater good without harming oneself. That’s when you lead a Brilliant Life. You will find several articles here about how the mind influences the body and vice versa.

The four pillars of a brilliant life show you how to harness the scientific evidence of the mind-body connection to become fully present and to express yourself at your best. See for example:


Be happy here and now

This article is for you if you’re always chasing time, always on the run and long to find inner calm again. A pathway to follow in order to thrive with focus and ease.

Quote Isocrates

The first three pillars are:

#1     Start with the big picture (= assess your present situation and know your vision, purpose, big goal)

#2     Know yourself and play to your strengths!

#3     Master the art of being happy, joyful and thriving here and now

These pillars can bring you joy, meaning and love and give you a direction on how to contribute to make this world a better place.

Being clear on step one and two will make it easier to achieve happiness in the present moment. On the other hand, if you are not in a great state here and now you won’t be able to figure out what your life’s mission is and how you can live on purpose.


Care about self-care

Pillar # 4 is: know what activities, people and places fuel you with energy and joy.

Your physical environment and the presence of other persons have a big effect on how you feel, think, speak and act. While this is true for everyone, it is something you have to pay special attention to if you are very sensitive, empathic and have a vivid imagination.

Check this out, in case you don’t know which activities energize you completely and make you forget the time because you get into the flow.

If you don’t give yourself enough care and attention, this will affect negatively what you can do for others. If you have chronically stress in your body instead of ease this will impact your way of thinking and where you focus on.

You are less effective, less able to set boundaries and make different choices.

Learn and practise to be at ease first. If you don’t know how, read Highly Sensitive Women, what we have to do that others don’t.


A concrete example?

While writing this post I went to a spacious and bright place. I had an Italian espresso and some chocolate while thinking and typing.

Writing is an activity that gives me energy and puts me into the flow. It is also my favourite way of expressing myself in the world. I could apply my signature strengths of spirituality (because this is meaningful to me and I way I can contribute to making this world a better place), love (because I care for the wellbeing of others) and love of learning (and teaching).

Sharing with you what I cherish and what I know can make a huge difference to your life fills me with joy and gives my existence purpose.

Easy to achieve, isn’t it?

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