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What if you could bend time? This translates as always having enough time to do what you want. If this idea is frightening you, better stop reading now – you don’t want to waste your time, do you? Because you have to know: if you accept the truth of Einstein Time you won’t be able to complain anymore that you “don’t have the time to…”. Ready to take the Big Leap and liberate yourself? Then read on…

Einstein TIme

Mileva Maric + Alber Einstein – if you like this post pin the picture to your Role Model Board on Pinterest

You may have heard of the ground-breaking book “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. If not, it’s really worth to buy it or at least to have a look at it here. In this book, you’ll find three revolutionary ideas that had a huge impact on my life and well-being.

I may write in another post about his concept of the ‘zone of genius’ and you can find out more about the ‘upper limiting problem’ and how you can overcome it – one key to the secret of being happy and well every single day.

Today I’d like to concentrate on the truth of ‘Einstein Time’.


Paradigm shift: abandon Newton Time

  • Are you tired of working days and nights, spending long hours in front of the screen, tied to your laptop until midnight?
  • Are you feeling exhausted several times a day – or even every time you stop running and being caught in 1001 activities if you’re honest?
  • But you don’t have time to rest, there’s so much to do and so much you want to achieve…

I have good news for you: you can find focus and ease.

And it’s not difficult!

You just have to know what to do and how.

To quote Gay Hendricks: “Specifically, I discovered that I had time all wrong. There was never enough of it and I was rushed, or there was way too much and I was bored. I never got all the things done that I needed to do, even though I felt like I was working over-time. Then one magical day I had a big realization: My understanding of time was based on an outmoded, Newtonian paradigm. In a flash of insight, I saw that Einstein’s paradigm was the way time actually worked.”


How to always have enough time?

The Newtonian paradigm says there’s only a finite amount of time. It assumes that there’s a scarcity of time. And it gives us this feeling of urge – the feeling that we never have ‘the right amount of time’. Therefore we’re always busy and rushing, trying to stay ahead of the clock and fit in as much as possible in a week, half a day or an hour. There are also people that are bored at the other end of the scale, but I doubt that you know many such moments in your life.

Gay Hendricks explains: “At the heart of the Newtonian time crunch is a dualistic split: we are deluded into thinking that time is ‘out there’, an actual physical entity that can put pressure on us ‘in here’.”


The solution = Einstein Time

We have to introduce the notion of ‘space’ into the equation. Einstein explains relativity with the following example: an hour with your beloved feels like a minute; a minute on a hot stove feels like an hour. Depending on what we do, space seems to narrow or to expand, time seems to slow down or accelerate…

When we switch to Einstein Time, we take charge of the amount of time we have. We realize that we’re where time comes from. We embrace this liberating insight: since I’m the producer of time, I can make as much of it as I need,” says Gay Hendricks.


Your turn now

As soon as you quit thinking the time is ‘out there’, you can take ownership of time. If you acknowledge that you are where time comes from, it will stop owning you. You won’t be the slave of time anymore.

And now, the only thing to do is to implement this insight…

Want to learn more about bending time aka start living in ‘Einstein Time’?

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Image: Wiki commons Mileva Maric and Albert Einstein

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