Today I felt incapable to take a decision. I needed to make an extra effort to not complaining or even victimizing – things I thought I had banned from my life. What does it take to tap into your power, access your inner wisdom and make smart decisions that allow you to act swiftly?

Patricia's gratitude journal

Writing into my gratitude notebook is one way of focusing on abundance rather than lack (see below)

What is the issue in your life you have been pondering about lately, not being able to come to a decision? What have you done about it (other than just thinking back and forth a lot without getting unstuck)? Let me suggest you something: What if you just picked one option pretending that this is the ‘good’ decision – and start acting upon it. That’s what I’m just doing while writing this post. I apply the ‘As If Principle’.

Half an hour ago (with a little help from a friend) I decided that this topic of wasting your creativity, your time and your energy by not deciding is just the perfect choice to create value for my readers – you!


Why I invite you to pass to action NOW.

I feel some kind of urge these days. A split second can change your life. A day after writing my article Excuses are for other people not for you all my plans got topsy-turvy. Because I did not see a hole in the street… I feel some kind of urge since I flew off my bicycle, hit the road head over heels (literally!) and spent half a day in hospital…

It took a ‘small’ incident like a bike accident – a moment of inattention at 6 in the morning – to get injured. This, in turn, weakened my overall physical strength as well as my ease to take decisions.

In fact, I was very lucky and I mean it! I am still alive.

The point I want to make here is…


Distinguish clearly what you can influence

Henry David Thoreau QuoteOften nowadays we probably have too much choice. Endless possibilities and opportunities everywhere. So much we could miss out on. Sometimes, on the other hand, it feels as if you had no choice at all. You feel stuck and helpless.

However, in every situation you have three choices: you can love it, change it or leave it.

At 7:15 am, after a ride in the ambulance (even Sheldon Cooper would not be pleased about) I was lying on a bed in the hospital. Someone told me that my case was not bad enough to be taken care of by emergency. The daily permanence would open at 8 and then nurses would look after me (once it was my turn).

Do you think that this was good news or bad news?

So what could I do? What was my choice? Because of a possible spine injury, I was not supposed to move. Everything hurt. I would have to wait for at least an hour to see a doctor and even longer to know for sure that nothing was broken or damaged.

I could not leave nor change this situation. What I could do was to ‘love it’ – to make the best out of it. I chose to focus on the positive, the things I was grateful for. The fact that hubby was sitting next to me. I could dwell with my thoughts and feelings on the abundance in my life rather than what was wrong and lacking. It was the only choice I had: create as many positive feelings, thoughts and mind-body states as I could.


Your turn now

Where do you feel stuck about a decision you have to take? What if you could make a choice right now? Is the problem that you just don’t know how or where to start?

The truth is: not deciding, dwelling with your attention on feelings like overwhelm and being stuck is a waste of your creativity and your time.

Pick one issue now, where you have been procrastinating – and take a decision.

To live a Brilliant Life means knowing that life is a journey. Knowing that you can ‘have both’ or even that you can ‘have it all’ as I wrote here on this blog before.

Nevertheless, you need to move forward one step at the time. Make it a habit to leave your comfort zone and do scary things, but without forcing.

Focus on the next step. Step number one = decide.

Do something now, don’t waste your precious time on this earth!

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