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Complex & Curious?

I see you…


I have empowered empathic and ethical people like you as a certified professional coach since 2008. I function like a catalyst for them. Our work together empowers them – it brightens up their life and their being. 

Through our collaboration, my clients learn how to harness their courage & creativity playfully & powerfully. They reconnect with the joyful child they used to be and understand how to ally their intellect with their intuition so they can trust their inner wisdom.

An entrepreneur figured out how she was (unconsciously) sabotaging herself to achieve the success she knew was possible and what needed to be done to attract her ideal clients and impact millions with her work.

A PhD student and lecturer at university transformed her (ruthless) inner critic into her ally and best friend, finally learning how to love herself fully.

If you’re also ready for a change, I can help you access your authentic power and unlock your most valuable talents and skills.

You Want to Stop Hiding

I wish to empower you to make life-changing shifts in your beliefs, perceptions, and expectations about yourself, the world and what is possible for you. Plus, learn how to enhance your luck, and always have time for the things and people that matter most.


I can help you craft a crystal clear vision of your purpose and mission, and take simple, fun and easy action steps to make it real. It’s all about creating habits that allow you to become the best version of yourself, so you can shine fully and authentically from the inside out.

I can support you if you are curious, courageous, and complex. I work best with go-getters and (potential) trail-blazers who are values-based, ready to play and explore and do the necessary work. (There is no such thing as a “quick fix” or “overnight success”.)



For example, a business owner in her fifties pressed reboot on her life, found joy and harmony again in her longstanding love relationship and changed careers.

A successful programme manager in global public health realised she could give back by helping young adults in her home country grasp their potential and go for their dreams. 

A manager in her forties figured out how to combine a challenging part-time job with building a private practice as a therapist, and make time for her creative pursuits.



How Can I Support You?

The Ways We Can Work Together


Find Focus Laser Coaching

One Time 90 Minutes Session

You have too many options and can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • Pre-session written assessment and goal clarification
  • Get the big picture
  • Zoom in to make a choice that feels fantastic, and
  • Gain momentum towards your Number One Goal
  • Action Plan with Steps to implement

Regain focus to know exactly where and how to start; feel energized & empowered because the outlook shifts completely.

Investment: CHF 300

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Bespoke VIP Intensive Coaching Package

Immersion Half-Day Coaching & Follow-up (1 Month)

Free time to play & express yourself, and start prospering NOW. 

  • Pre-session written assessment and goal clarification
  • Half-Day Immersion Session (online or in person)
  • Personalised Learning Space
  • Action Plan with Steps to implement
  • 2 Assessments with Feedback from Patricia
  • Follow-up coaching session 30 minutes

Express your potential more fully. This package is compact and powerful.

Investment: CHF 900

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Let’s find out if we are a perfect match!

Time Mastery for the Prosperous Professional

Personalized Training and Performance Coaching (3 to 6 month)

You are ready to Prioritize your own Power and Master Time.

Tailor-made process

  • Initial in-depth assessment and coaching agreement
  • Personalised Learning Space
  • Modular System with bespoke lessons and time management tools
  • Home-work-and play between the sessions
  • Rhythm according to goals and needs between every 2 to 5 weeks
  • 1-2-1 coaching sessions last 60 – 90 minutes

It’s perfect if you aspire to lead a fulfilled life and make a difference being you.Learn to be unapologetically you (without fear of being misunderstood or ‘too much’).

Investment: starts at
CHF 250 per month

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This offer is not available for the time being.