What if there were an easy way to overcome states that are not conducive to your well-being and happiness? Do you know what to do if you feel down or sad or lack confidence? Let me show you a simple and fun process to change your mood. Apply these five steps; it takes only fives minutes!

Change your mood

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Do you know these days, when you wake up and you feel like rather staying in bed than making a move? They seem to come out of the blue – or maybe you also know exactly the reasons behind. Fact is, you feel lousy and lazy and probably don’t like yourself the moment you realise what’s going on.

Maybe the sun is out, you even have a fancy appointment or work on a project that excites you beyond words. And still, this sluggishness in your body and this voice in your head seem stronger than anything and this ‘thing’ called willpower is something you’ve got a faint memory of, not more…

This is the song that made me feel great today.

I got up easily, but I felt terribly sad at some point. Then after playing and listening to Nocturnes from Chopin – which fostered the latent melancholy inside me and made things worse – I realised that I better take drastic measures to turn around the wheel.

And it worked! (Not to my surprise! It has to do with neuroplasticity and habits.)


Here’s what you can do

Let’s get back to the example where you’re still in bed.

(1) Acknowledge that staying in this state (of mind and body) is NOT making you happy! And that if you don’t take action NOW, things might easily get worse.

(2) Decide! Tell yourself, that you want a life you love. Remember that you CAN change this!

(3) Act ‘as if’ you were energetic and happy.  If you can’t do this right away, think thoughts like, “this is easy” or “I can make that happen” or “I’m looking forward to…”. If this is not easy, start thinking about three things in your life you are grateful for (here’s an article on how to practice gratitude). Then switch to an affirmation that will empower you, “I am happy” for example.

Important to know: you don’t have to believe it at first! Just think it instead of “I don’t want to get up” or “Life is hard.” Because words are magic.

(4) Move your body! Stretch out your limbs. Rock left and right. And swing out of bed in one swift movement.

(5) And then, use music you love to lift your mood! Put on one of your favourite songs, dance with the music – and sing out loud. If one tune is not enough, repeat until you embody the joy of the sound and the lyrics and feel the zest in every cell of your body.

Of course, this is valid for all kind of states: being upset, worrying, anger, boredom, feeling pain, etc.

Change your mood

This simple technique is the one thing that works for everyone I know.


Change your mood now

In order to be well prepared, ask yourself: which song gets you out of an unwholesome state within a minute?

I taught a micro class on the topic “Do you know which five songs you absolutely need on a playlist?”. Watch it now if you want to master the art of quickly getting into ANY state (aka feel any feeling) you wish or are interested in the links between music, neuroscience and being happy.

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