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Let’s bring the different aspects of spreading love, being bold and having fun together. We’ve discussed that and how our mind and our body are correlated and influence each other. Did you know that our hearts are powerful ‘transmitters’? If we feel love we truly radiate!

the heart field

“The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.” — Meryl Streep


In previous posts we were talking about how moving muscles of the body and body language affect feelings and perceptions as well as the effect the psyche has on the soma (body). Harnessing the mutual influence of our minds and our body, learning to feel our feelings, articulate them and use them is an art.

Relationships with other human beings – or for many among us also with their pets – are a great source of positive emotions.

Love is a strength

As we saw, Love not only a feeling, it has been given the status of one of 24 universal strengths we all have in common. Applying these strengths is one powerful way to be at your best. This using and building of your strengths allows you to get into the flow.

It is a two-way route that has four dimensions: love can be paired with attachment, compassion, it may be companionate or romantic.

Feeling love and loved has many aspects and if you ask different people what love signifies for them you’ll get answers like trust, mutual care, unconditional giving, surrender, respect, etc.

Our heart radiates love

Did you know that you radiate an electromagnetic field when you feel love?

On the physical level, love can be ‚measured‘. Our heart (also kind of the most important muscle we have) creates a field that is bigger than our physical body  (see picture above). The heart’s magnetic component is about 500 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away  from the body.

In our brain, we have so called mirror neurons that fire simultaneously with the nerve cells of the brains of people around us. Personally I’m convinced that you don’t have to be physical present next to one another to produce that effect.

Use your thoughts wisely

If we master the art of feeling happy in the present moment, outer success is going to follow. You can learn to embrace your feelings, and you can decide to open up to receive all the love that is around you!

We also looked at what you can do if you don’t feel well. And how you can overcome states that are not fostering your happiness using your body (sing and dance) and reinforcing this by using your mind (act ‘as if’ and think thoughts like “this is easy” for example).


We take the smiling exercise even a step further:

Make sure your body posture is relaxed

Smile with your face (mouth and eyes!)

Focus on your heart and smile with you heart

Open up to receive love

Think thoughts of wishing yourself being well like “may I be happy”, “may I be well and healthy”, “may I be safe and secure”

Feel that you radiate love.


PS: this post is part of a 30 day blogging challenge.

Photo: Wikimedia commons


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