Positive emotions open our mind and they help us see the big picture. Secondly, positive emotions transform us for the better— they bring out the best in us. And it’s a habit you can cultivate that will bring you in an upward spiral.


“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Positive emotions open our heart, they remind us about the fleeting nature of everything. They open our mind and transform us at a cellular level. They not only help us to see the glass half full, they also help us see larger forms of interconnection. They help us see the big picture and that we all are human.

All beings are connected. We all seek to avoid suffering and would like to be happy. All boils down to something simple as this.

What YOU CAN DO is to cultivate habits that foster positivity in your thoughts, speech and actions.

In her article Are You Getting Enough Positivity in Your Diet? Barbara Fredrickson writes: “Just as the warmth of sunlight opens flowers, the warmth of positivity opens our minds and hearts. It changes our visual perspective at a really basic level, along with our ability to see our common humanity with others.” (…)

Positive emotions transform our body and our mind

In her talk ‘Positive Emotions Transform Us’ (see below) she explains:

“Now one interesting fact about all living things is that scientists estimate that, on average, we replace one percent of our cells each day. That’s another one percent tomorrow, about 30 percent by next month, and by next season, 100 percent of our cells from today—that’s one way of looking at it. So maybe it’s no coincidence that it takes three months or so to learn a new habit or to make a lifestyle change; maybe we need to be teaching our new cells because we can’t teach an old cell new tricks.

But one of the things I think is even more exciting is that the latest science suggests that the pace of cell renewal and the form of cell renewal doesn’t just follow some predetermined DNA script. Our emotions affect that level of cellular change.

What this suggests is that if we increase our daily diet of positive emotions, we broaden our awareness over time and change who we become in the future.”


Writing something down has a stronger impact than thinking. Keep a “Happiness and gratitude journal”. I love to handwrite in a book, but an electronic file may do it as well. I promise, doing this ‘excercise’ on a regular basis is going to open your heart and your mind.

Note every day (ideally at the same time) at least 3 things that made you happy.

Think about what was good and positive in a difficult situation (1 to 3 things).

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