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Today’s post is about making the right choices. In our busy times, we have a tendency to believe that we’re stagnating or standing still if we don’t move. Constant busyness is epidemic. Well, I claim that ‘not moving’ and being fully present corresponds sometimes to the sweet spot from where you know exactly what to do – and then the real fun begins.

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All my work with clients is around two pillars: how to find ease and balance on one hand and how to keep and get momentum to make miracles come true, to really transform ways of thinking, speaking and doing.


What have we covered so far?

When you know your personal North, your mind-body can always tell you if a YES will support you to move on in the right direction. This inner compass also helps you to say an ‘enlightened NO’, which is sometimes much harder to do and figure out.

Once you’ve got this shift, all you have to do is do it. Pass to action swiftly! That’s how it works.

On the way we inevitably make mistakes – and we always can learn from them and turn the wheel around. This happens if you are bold instead of being afraid.

Note: If you don’t do and actually experience something, you don’t know it.


Fake it, make it and become it

To get where we want to get, the ‘As If Principle’ is useful and may even be necessary to start with. This attitude of ‘Doing something as if you already were there’ is a highly effective technique that is used in professional coaching and brief solution therapy.

In many difficult situations, an easy thing you can do to make a shift is smiling. This can be enhanced by using the whole body and by our thoughts and our focus on the enhancing emotions and agreeable sensations that we may become aware of in the present moment.

If you want to spread love, do good and serve others, you want to be well and happy first! If you embody love and happiness you are (much better) able to spread them.


Feel love

You can produce this feeling that you are love and loving and loved any time you want. The more you’ve practised it the easier it gets to live it and enJOY it.

Don’t forget that you have one big duty: look after yourself! That means take the time to practise the above. Give yourself permission to feel great before you try very hard to get all the things done that are on your to-do list. Therefore there are moments when it’s smart to take it easy or even to take a break.


Trust and be bold

If you want to become the true leader of your life you have to understand that you can’t control most of the things. Trust in your capacity to face and overcome difficulties. Trust in finding the pace that is necessary to achieve what you’re up to.

Finally, there is clarity and understanding, that everything in the universe is connected. Once we embody this knowledge anything becomes possible.


Your turn now

Always start from the present moment.

Focus on being well and at ease first and trust that the HOW will follow.

Now the key is to do all this with an attitude of wanting to have fun! Allowing yourself to wonder what you might discover and keep an open and curious mind.

EnJOY the journey 🙂


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