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I live my best life – and so can you! Is life happening to you? There are two other ways of looking at it. You are the main actor, director and creator of your life. One shortcut to craft and live your best life is to establish a Bucket List. Download the worksheet that shows you how. 

Patricia Mauerhofer in Burma

I don’t believe that life happens to you. There are two alternatives I absolutely adore: Life happens for you. If you have a growth mind set, you know that you can learn and evolve from everything. I heard this idea for the first time from Tony Robbins. It is a great and simple formula for an attitude of gratitude and awe. It’s also about always keeping hope, never giving up and looking forward to find solutions rather than dwelling on problems, obstacles and the past.

The second version states that Life happens through you. I heard this from one of my mentors, Vanessa Jane, in an interview by another dear and inspiring business colleague Allison Marlowe from Global Winning Women.

Make your dreams come true!

On the picture above I am standing on the ‘Golden Rock’ in Burma (Myanmar). While visiting this place I made a huge dream of mine come true.

One shortcut to craft and live your best life is to establish a Bucket List or in other words a list with your audacious and attractive life goals. Having a list with your most important goals is more than fun, it’s a non-negotiable.

How to make a bucket list

Download a Free Template that explains what to include and what to leave out of your bucket list.

The 6 steps involved are:

  1. Put yourself into a fantastic mind-body state first
  2. Write down your goals (there are 3 ways of doing this, check out my Bucket List Worksheet)
  3. Put all the items in order
  4. Set a date
  5. Prioritize (According to the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule)
  6. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHY you want this (ideally the goals are connected to your life’s purpose and mission) and HOW you’re going to FEEL when you’ll have accomplished it.

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