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My mission is to empower at least 1000 women worldwide to shine their true light and to fulfill their mission – that’s why I am ready to do scary things! Let my share with you why I published this video on the ‘global stage’ despite of fear and despite of the fact that playing the piano is very private for me.

Do you languish as over 4/5 of citizens of the planet, all regions confounded, or do you flourish? Do you live the life of your dreams?

I live the Life I Love – and I want YOU to do the same!

Step into your full power NOW.

I love to play the piano – but this is do just for myself, it’s my private passion and pleasure! I have become more comfortable with the idea to publish this video on the ‘global stage’ today. But it took me quite a while to blast through my fears and make it happen!

Does this sound familiar? Where in your life and business do you let fear stopping you from doing what it takes to reach the next level?

Stop watching everyone else live the life you want!

The advice of my first high end mentor was: “Make it a habit to do things that scare you. Get comfortable in being uncomfortable!” Following her advice brought me where I am today. I am getting my gift out in the world. I am doing the work I love most, have a deep impact on others and get paid for it.

In February 2014 I suddenly realised that I could and that I wanted to allow myself to hire a piano teacher instead of holding on to the limiting belief that I could not afford piano lessons…

When I took action I found my ideal teacher within a couple of hours (!)

Receiving guidance and support

My teacher supports, guides and challenges me. She suggested that I record one piece and put it ‘out there’. This idea frightened the hell out of me. But a seed was planted and I started to give it a think. It was a possibility (that scared me and that became more familiar and less ‘horrible’ as time passed).

When I interviewed Clare Hudman during my Telesummit ‘The Kind Way to Success’ in January 2015 she offered me a beautiful gift: she sang a song she had written while playing the ukulele. The song told the story of a women with a beard and its message was an encouragement to loving and accepting ourselves the way we are.

I was so touched and impressed that I decided on the spot to ‘do it’. Therefore I announced publicly that I would publish a video of myself playing the piano. (Announcing things to others is one way that may help you to raise the motivation and foster your commitment to do or change something.)

Do scary things if you want to grow!

To be honest, I procrastinated. But this is not how it works!

Do not wait any longer! Take action NOW and start to live the life of your dreams.

Stop holding on to the limiting belief that you cannot afford to receive the guidance and support you need.

Would you love to connect your mind with your body, clarify your vision and magnify your ability to attract and radiate wealth in all its forms: Money, Health, Relationships, Service, Freedom of Choice and Time to Play?

You are a woman on a mission. Get your special gift out in the world!

Step out of your comfort zone, break through your limitations and emerge to the calling that tugs at your heart.

Stop watching everyone else live the life you want!

Speak with me if you need a little help to get things going.

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