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Vanessa Jane is a creative muse and a filmmaker. She helps people to share their meaningful story and why they do the work they do through movies.

Chocolate with Patricia Ep. 01: Vanessa Jane

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Vanessa believes we must all take responsibility for what we create in the world, as it affects the psychology and consciousness of humans. Her mission is to make cinema that makes us feel good and reminds us of the goodness of who we are. Movies that reflect old fashioned values and add value to the world.

Highlights not to miss

  • ChocolateWithPatricia.com - Vanessa Jane Which morning rituals Vanessa uses daily to bring joy, sparkles and inspiration to her life (and what it has to do with my favourite TV series Downtown Abbey)
  • How she fosters her creativity and connects with all ‘around us’
  • What laid the foundations of her business success (5:40)
  • How she learned to listen to her inner voice and what you can do learn to trust it as well
  • The recipe for creative and multi-talented people on how to focus on less with ease instead of trying to do many things in order to express themselves


Crema Catalan (white chocolate with caramel)


Book recommendation: Rules for a Knight by Ethan Hawke on values and how to be a good person

Find out more about my guest

Vanessa Jane lives in Sydney, Australia. www.vanessajane.com

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