Are you too busy to go for a stroll in the sun or meet up with a friend for coffee? Are you constantly lacking time and often on the run? Then it may be time to avoid these three mistakes that keep you stuck and free time for the things that matter most.

are you spinning too many plates?

You are spinning many plates. This is ‘normal’ for a high performing woman like you. You juggle a demanding job or a business while looking after family plus spending time on your volunteer engagement and some kind of sports or creative expression. You love what you do, but there are high demands and you feel this constant pressure. Could it be that your body has been (desperately) sending some signals trying to remind you that chronic stress is going to harm you? You may even be addicted to the ‘kicks’ of excitement and the rushes of bio-chemicals you’ve trained your mind-and-body to have as a habitual pattern.

However, if you are honest, working at that pace and being constantly on the go has consequences. You’re not as effective as you could be. You are less capable of saying no, seeing the broader perspective, and putting yourself first (here’s how to in case you need a little help from a friend).


Do you want to risk it all?

Yoko Ono Quote SmileHow long can you keep on going like this? How long have you been forgetting to look after yourself? I’m not here to lecture you – far from it!

During the past years, I’ve seen clients and friends realising too late that their constant giving and putting the needs of others above their own lead them astray. When they eventually went to see a doctor and got the diagnosis “burn out” or depression, they had to put their mission on hold and rest and recover first.

If your batteries are down, there is simply no energy left.

And before you get to this point of being lost and burning out, if you’re energy is low, you’ll have a strong tendency to focus on the ‘wrong things’.


Avoid these three mistakes

I made them all – and I bet you’ll find yourself making at least one of them – consistently. If so, I believe that you have to do something NOW about it.

  1. The attitude that over-delivering is the best thing to do – in business and at home.
  2. Having too many roles without deliberate choice, more than seven is unhealthy.
  3. Not being capable to receive fully – this may seem strong but it’s true.

Take the decision to slow down and get back on a path toward your wellbeing first which will allow you to make a real difference for others.


Your turn now

  • Never ever give all you can! This is an unwise habit. If you give 60-70% of what you can that’s good enough.
  • Always make sure that you are staying well and energetic – this is your first and foremost duty. Check in with your mind-and-body once every hour.
  • List your roles on small cards. Look at them all. Choose wisely. Discard as many as possible.
  • Open up to receive. You don’t have to do it all on your own, you know that. Act according to it.
    Don’t make the mistake of so many who end up with a burn out because they didn’t ask for help or didn’t accept support.


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