Sue Wilkinson

My VIP Day with Patricia in Geneva was amazing.

Video testimonial by Sue Wilkinson after completing a 6 month Mentoring and Coaching Programme:

Every time I have a session with Patricia, she is like a warm hug. I always come away with a feeling of calm and achievement.

She has a very gentle way of teasing out the problem, and gets right down to the heart of it. She is challenging; never lets you get away with anything, but it’s done in such a way that you feel uplifted and enlightened. I have moved on from blocks I hadn’t realised I had.

My last session brought up things that I hadn’t realised where there. Patricia gave me tools to use when the same situation occurred, and I really feel I can change my reactions now.

Her methods are soft, quiet and persistent. I have worked with several coaches, but there is something about Patricia that is almost spiritual. I feel confident that, with her behind me, I will reach my dream.

I would recommend Patricia to anyone. Whatever your position in life or work, I’m sure she will be able to help you reach your very highest potential.

Sue Wilkinson | Coach, United Kingdom

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