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I hope you know how it feels when you actually get what you want. Not the trivial things like a new pair of shoes or a chocolate ice cream – the things that really matter. It’s an illusion to think that we are in control of our life. However, there are concrete steps you can take to achieve anything!

birdsToday I want to encourage you: go for what you fancy. Invest. Trust that everything will come together.

Take these six steps to see the magic happen and you will actually live the brilliant life you had only dreamt of (or not even deared dreaming of).

1 – Find out what really matters to you

Do you know what your deepest wish is – below the layers of reason or dos and don’ts? This may take the form of things that excite you, lighten you up or make you feel great. Sometimes there are layers of our critical, rational thinking standing in our way to get to the core of what it is that really, really matters and will make a difference.

2 – Feel the fear and do scary things

Yep, you have to do some stretching to get extraordinary results. By continuing to do what you have been doing you won’t get new outcomes. It’s as plain and simple as that. I encourage you to train yourself to leave your ‘comfort zone’ while taking easy baby steps. Make it a habit to do things that scare you a bit (or a lot). Get comfortable in being uncomfortable!

3 – Get return on what you invest

Results don’t fall from the sky! Once you’re clear on what you want you’ll have to invest. Investments take the form of money, time, energy, commitment and perseverance. You have to do things, try out new ways. You may want to get guidance, help and advice. Don’t try to do it and figure it all out on your own!

4 – Connect with the ‘right’ people

Spending time with persons who resonate with you and make you feel energized is paramount. Seek the presence of people who already have/live what you desire from the bottom of your heart. Surround yourself with people who inspire you in some way as role models. Reach out for peers that share your values and are on a similar journey like you. Connect with persons who you’d love to serve or who might help you to make your dreams come true.

5 – Take inspired action

This means knowing how to put yourself in a mind-body state where you are at your best. From that place, you are able to act authentically in the present moment and to do the ‘right’ things. This path is the opposite of running in the Hamster Wheel and believing that you have to get as much done as possible and keeping yourself super busy all the time. Slow down!

6 – Let the magic happen

Trust that all you have to do is to become crystal clear inside with the intention to serve outside… Do what it takes to get ‘the big picture’ and to invest time and energy into step one first. This allows you to craft a life you love NOW and to take the other steps as well.

Let go! Trust yourself and trust life. You are not in control, but you can achieve ANYTHING you want!

Step number 7 – be grateful

Thank you, dear reader!

I have been achieving many truly important things in my life following this simple formula. Knowing that women like you who are up to great things in the world are reading what I write motivates me on ‘cloudy’ and ‘rainy’ days to keep on going when the road of entrepreneurship seems steep and full of obstacles.

Because my heart’s desire and my mission is to empower at least 1000 highly sensitive and gifted women to own their brightness and to show the world their true brilliance.

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Patricia Mauerhofer

Managing Director at My Brilliant Life Academy
Patricia Mauerhofer is a Swiss teacher, writer and coach. She uses her fast-paced brain, big heart and intuition to empower highly sensitive and gifted women like you to live a brilliant life.

Combining professional experiences in communication, project management and public health with scientific research around mind-body wellbeing, effective time management, goal achievement and happiness she supports you to harness your sensitivities and play to your strengths.

Working with her allows you to complete your mission and to have time for the things and people that matter most.
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