Play To Your Strengths Coaching

Access Your Personal Power

  • Empower Yourself - discover your unique combination of Signature Strengths and how to make best use of them
  • I blend Science with Conscious Communication and Jolts of Joy in my tailor-made coaching one-on-one
  • Uncover who you really are - this scientific personality assessment and bespoke coaching will not only make you love yourself better for who you are. It will also improve your relationships, enhance your performance and magnify the impact your can make.

Hi, my name is Patricia Mauerhofer. I'm a Coach & Catalyst for Highly Sensitive & Bright Women Worldwide.
I can guide and coach you in English, French, German and Swiss German.

During the last years I came across too many women who dim their power and their light. How they do it and why is complex. It has to do with high sensitivity and empathy; it has to do with being capable to think fast and broad and at several levels at the same time. And it has to do with the fear of scorching the people around them. Finally, these women have a long history of not feeling really seen and not having been understood.

Have you been dimming your light, not living your life as powerfully as you could for too long?

You know that you have played small long enough and you want to do what it takes NOW in order to be living a brilliant life without delaying it anymore.

What if you could use your key strengths consciously and authentically without fear of scorching others...?

In that case the Play To Your Strengths Coaching Package is perfect for you.

"I'll empower you because of my personal experience in overcoming big obstacles in my life and because of my training as a certified coach as well as in positive psychology."

What will you get?

You want to stop hiding in plain sight, unlock your full potential and improve your life. This package is compact and powerful. 

  • Get transformational coaching and mentoring

  • Improve your communication skills and relationships using the strengths model

  • Balance and train your Strengths

CHF 560
(approx. US$ 560)

3  x 60 Min. Coaching 

  • + Initial assessment and goal clarification

  • + Questionnaire to explore your unique Strengths Profile

  • + VIA Strengths Report (30 pages, value US$ 40)

  • + 'Home work' between the sessions

    + 2 emails (feedback, questions)

Deepanjali S
"I am more assertive at work and when dealing with people..."
"The Strengths Coaching was another moment of clarity with regards to my views of myself. This session really helped me to move into my top strengths of Spirituality, Hope, Perspective andAppreciation of Beauty andExcellence with assurance, confidence and acceptance. As a result of this I am more assertive at work and dealings with people. I am now giving workshops and have been interviewed for magazines."
Deepanjali Sapkota | Programme Manager & Life Coach, Switzerland & Nepal

[Video Testimonial] "Realize how powerful you already are."

Dr Irina Schurov explains how this Strengths Assessment and Patricia’s question helped her to get a boost of self-confidence and crystal clear on her ideal client. This now allows her to focus her time and energy on a strong message and clear marketing strategy in order to change millions of lives of children on the autism spectrum and with learning disabilities for the better.

Dr Irina Schurov  | Neuroscientist, Nutrition & Health Coach, Switzerland |

Once you’ve secured your spot you’ll hear from me right away to schedule your first call.
We’ll also send you your welcome pack to get you started.

By choosing the Access Your Personal Power Coaching you’ll get the following benefits:

Enhance your Performance

You become aware of your most powerful character traits and where you excel already (Signature Strengths).

Due to the new way of understanding and seeing yourself you can focus your time and effort more effectively and positively on activities that are easy for your and that give you energy. 

Improve your Relationships

You get to know the 'strengths language'. Every human being has 24 strengths that represent our most positive traits or what is best in us.

Seeing these in yourself and in others will enhance your interactions and have a positive impact on your relationship with clients, colleagues, partners and your family.

Enrich your
Work and Life

Knowing yourself better and ‘being yourself’ (not trying to be someone else) will enhance your overall well-being and life satisfaction.

You'll have an internal compass to decide what you can outsource or delegate. or do in a way that plays to your strengths.

Strengths use leads to less stress and increased positive affect, vitality and self-esteem.

[Video Testimonial] "I can now use and show my Zest in a more controlled and authentic manner."

Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte shares her shifts of perception and insights after the first and the second coaching session around her Unique Strengths Profile. She also shares to what extent this Assessment is completely different from (the many) other personality tests she has taken before and why she recommends to buy at least two sessions.

Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte  | The Business Lover's Coach, United Kingdom |

Why this Strengths Offer?

During the last years I came across too many women who dim their power and their light. 

You may wonder why I talk about this.  EASY: that’s what I did and how I felt during many, many years. I was hiding in the shade. I was afraid to show how bright I was. And when I did 'turn up the volume', the result was often a feeling of either being 'too much' for others (again!) or not being understood (at all! one more time!). Then I started to wonder again if I have a problem and if I am kind of flawed (you know 'too complicated', 'too dramatic', 'too all over the place').

I was reading tons of articles and reviews online, but never writing one. I changed career several times, trying to find the perfect job where I could use my many talents and interests.

I preferred to play small. Not knowing how to shine, not knowing how to step into my power in order to share my gifts with the world more fully. Not knowing how to turn up the volume without feeling rejected and misunderstood. And partly I was well and high performing, but partly I was completely under-performing.

And worse: I was not myself – I was hiding part of me, I was trying to fit it… and this affected my health negatively. And my self-worth. And the love and joy I experienced in my life: for myself, for others and from others.

This is different today.

All this started to change in 2013 when I discovered my hidden gems: I did a survey about my character strengths for the second time. I then invested in a first training as well as a 1 on 1 coaching by one of the leading experts in positive psychology and character strengths, Dr Donna Mayerson.

This one coaching session blew my mind and changed my life forever – it was enough to shift completely the perception I had about myself and what I could do for others.

This session helped me to see that my signature strengths in their unique combination were PERFECT to coach and mentor others in order to love themselves and lead a life full of meaning, love and joy.

After this session I set myself the goal to empower at least 1000 women to  live up to their purpose, thrive themselves AND magnify the good the can do for others.

This is how it works:

  • After check out you'll get an email and welcome package with instructions and two links.
  • The first one will invite you to take the VIA PRO Survey (as shown in the picture)
  • A second link will allow you to directly book your first coaching session with Patricia.

Then you'll take Online a Scientific Survey

"This takes only 10 - 15 minutes."

You'll receive the results immediately and see the descending order of your 24 VIA Character Strengths.

​The Top 4 - 7 strengths are your Signature Strengts - they represent what is best in you.

  • The VIA PRO Report (value 40US$).
  • A questionnaire which will help you understand the results better ,reflect on them and prepare our first coaching session.
  • Bonus Files

Together we will explore the results...

During Your First Skype Session we will clarify your goal and discuss your Unique Strengths Profile:

  • We will look at your Key or Signature Strengths.
  • You'll learn how to use these strengths consciously.
  • In the following two sessions, you'll then find out :
  • How to balance your Strengths.
  • How to cope more effectively with difficulties and challenges
  • And how to develop them for specific use to create the work and life you desire.
"The coaching session with Patricia had a lasting impact on me as well as professionally as personally."
- R. P. | Responsible Hygiene Specialist of a Hospital, Austria

[Video Testimonial] "The results have been very encouraging.. I was really quite impressed."

Kevin Arrows explains why he hesitated to take this personality assessment and how the coaching around it empowered him to understand his emotions and how we think about certain things. He also shares how the Play To Your Strengths Coaching impacted his life in a lasting way and why he recommends to work with Patricia.

Kevin Arrow  | Business Consultant, United Kingdom |

Don't miss this opportunity...

My name is Patricia Mauerhofer.
I am a Swiss Coach for Bright Women with a unique ability to help you unlock your potential fully and authentically.

While empowering you to uncover and polish your hidden gems (strengths) I feel energetic and in the flow as I am using my Top Strengths of Spirituality, Love, Love of Learning, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Hope.

My mission is to empower at least 1000 women to live up to their purpose with joy and ease.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for a tailor-made coaching package

CHF 560
(approx. US$ 560)

"I can promise you from my own experience and from the huge shifts I could witness in all of my clients that the Play To Your Strengths Coaching will change your work and life for the better - with an overall positive and lasting effect."

Patricia Signature
Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte
"Patricia helped me to really see how I'm expressing myself and how I could improve my positioning."
- Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte | The Business Lover’s Coach and Mentor, United Kingdom |


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Isn't this just another personality assessment tool putting you in a (broad) category or type?

Why 24 Strengths? And what about weaknesses?

Unsure if this offer is perfect for you? Let's talk!

What is so special about this Survey?

I know my strengths and weaknesses. I've been asked them a ton of times before - how is this different?

I love my work and what I do - why should I know these strengths?