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Why You Want To Join The My Brilliant Life Academy MBLA

What if you always had time for the things and people that matter most to you? What if you could unlock your potential fully and lived up to your life’s purpose and mission?

The My Brilliant Life Academy is a unique right-and-left-brain learning programme and community leading you straight to a life full of meaning, joy and love.

If you’re one of those who are too afraid of change and prefer to stay with what seems to be comfortable because you’re used to it, fine. Don’t waste your time by reading on. 

Would you love to know exactly how to:

  • +++   Manage your sensitivity and energy
  • +++   Cease to feel overwhelmed, unfocused and tense
  • +++   Play to your strengths
  • +++   Overcome procrastination
  • +++   Find focus and ease to complete what you’ve started
  • +++   Stop putting everyone else first
  • +++   Channel your intensity
  • +++   Express your creativity and unlock your potential fully

The My Brilliant Life Academy is perfect for you if you want to craft and live the life you aspire to starting today.


Master the 12 Keys to 
Unlock your Potential

12 Modules over 12 months

Step by step you'll assess the present, reduce stresses and strains, envision your bright future and find focus to craft your brilliant life.

Live Q&As, Live Trainings

Patricia will deliver monthly Q&A sessions and live trainings around the Topic of the Month like resilience, giftedness 101 or stress management.


Access to Patricia

I'll answer all your questions related to the self-study modules or the live trainings in a monthly live Q&A. I'll also give feedback and advice in written form 3 times a month in the group.


Topic of the Month

You'll get access to a secret Facebook Group where you learn strategies and skills around a Topic of the Month. Includes a Work-Playsheet, articles and discussions.

Get Expert Advice

Patricia will interview experts on topics related to being highly sensitive, extra intensive and empathic with concrete advice on how to get done with overwhelm and thrive instead.

Peer exchange and support

Be part of a community of women like you. Women with a fast mind and a big heart who are intensive, driven and complex. A place where you can unapologetically be you.

What if you could meet women like you?

You care deeply about the state of the world and the wellbeing of others. You are analytical as well as intuitive. You strive for excellence, appreciate beauty and have preserved a childlike sense of wonder.

You lead a good life as you are high performing in several areas.

From the outside it may even look great.

But no one gets what’s inside your head and heart at times.

Your bright and inquisitive mind never seems to be satisfied. Moments of self-doubt and despair can overwhelm you out of the blue and ‘for no reason’.

You feel frustrated because there is so much you know that is still within you that you can give out.

Others are not noticing, but you are often feeling like an alien or a minority of one (or if you are in the second half of your life like me and this is the case rarely nowadays, you still know what I’m talking about, right?! ).

Why do I get this?

That’s easy.

Because I’m just like you. Or almost.

And that's why I've created the My Brilliant Life Academy.

I felt misunderstood and not seen for who I was for too long. People were telling me that I was 'too much', 'too sensitive', 'too dramatic' and 'too all over the place'.

And worse, I used to believe them.

I used to think there must be something wrong with me!

Today I guide women like you to leave this externally induced self-doubt behind and show the world what you're capable of.

No pretense!

Just integrity and authenticity.

That's what we are seeking for.

Is now the time for you to join other women who want to make a difference, craving for meaning rather than big money, leaping for and reaping lots of love and wanting to "add fun to get the job done" as Mary Poppins would say...?

Join My Brilliant Life Academy now!

You have two options:

GARNET: Expert interviews, in depth trainings plus one module per month with left-and-right-brain exercises and fun stuff to craft your Brilliant Life step by step.

RUBY: Optionally you can get a session of 60 minutes powerful coaching with Patricia per month.

Not available anymore

Only Swiss Francs 47 per month

Only Swiss Francs 217 per month

Choose what's best for YOU

Live A Life Full Of Joy, Meaning and Love

Once you're enrolled, you can cancel or change your membership at any time.

Success stories:

Working with Patricia Mauerhofer has been an enlightening and inspirational experience.

"Patricia created a unique learning opportunity for me to gain insight, clarity and providing me as well with tools to re-align my body and mind. The empowering message is: I can be playful, in-love with the Universe, and iconic by being true to and loving myself."

Fiona Strafford  //  Artist, Switzerland

I am confident, with Patricia behind me, I will reach my dream.

"Every time I have a session with Patricia, she is like a warm hug. I always come away with a feeling of calm and achievement. I would recommend Patricia to anyone. Whatever your position in life or work, I’m sure she will be able to help you reach your very highest potential."

Sue Wilkinson  //  Coach at My True Purpose, United Kingdom

Sylvie Fracchia

Je me réjouis chaque jour de ma capacité à ne pas rentrer en action direct lorsque j'ai des doutes ou des frustrations.

"Grâce au soutien de coaching de Patricia j'ai eu l'agréable surprise de : 1- Retrouver la liberté de décisions qui est en lien avec mes valeurs; 2- Découvrir la détente sans scrupule; 3- Utiliser mon énergie de façon paisible pour travailler; 4- Me faire plaisir à moi toute seule."

Sylvie Fracchia  //  Life Coach & Personal Pilates Instructor, Denmark

In case you wondered: Patricia can coach and guide you in English, French, German and Swiss German

(and she speaks Spanish and Italian, too).

What if you could unlock your potential?

What if there existed a safe place where you can unapologetically be yourself, feeling seen, heard and understood, not judged, not misunderstood.

What if you could work on your blocks and how your analytical and self-critical mind is holding you back and craft a bright future step by step. Guided by Patricia who is brainy, analytical, interested in science and Beaux Arts as well as Patty, her childlike, exuberant, bubbly side.

How would it feel if you could leave these moments of self-doubt and periods of deep despair behind you? And find peace within you instead of feeling frustrated and lonely in trying to find your vocation & calling and your place in this world.

You probably are underperforming in at least one area of your life like the job that’s not challenging enough or your level of income – things really could improve, after all you know that you’re intelligent, you know what you’re capable of (but others don’t always seem to get it and somehow you also wonder sometimes how you can be so dumb with regard to certain things that seem to be so easy for everyone else). Or you secretly long for someone to love and share your life with or you know that you are neglecting your physical fitness or self-expression.

Plus there are recurring difficulties in dealing with people, misunderstandings, dissonances, puzzling reactions. Which astonishes you because you have worked on yourself and you are a communicative person and socially rather intelligent.

Have people told you that you should:

  • xxx Take things (and yourself) less seriously?
  • xxx Thicken your skin and not take everything so much at heart?
  • xxx Care less and enjoy yourself more?

The Academy's Self-Learning Part - Craft your Brilliant Life Step by Step (12 Modules)

Let me show you how to make time for the things and people that matter most. I would love to guide you through this journey and empower you to live up to your potential. Uncover your life’s purpose and enjoy a life full of meaning, fun and love.


Part ONE - ASSESS THE PRESENT. In the first modules we’ll explore your life satisfaction and how much love and support you already have. You'll then start to overcome limitations and hindrances and that are hindering you to move forwards. We’ll also eliminate stresses and strains and brighten up your every day life.


Part TWO - ENVISION YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE. The next modules will make you dream big in a concrete and specific way. We’ll explore your Life's purpose & mission, create a Bucket List and have a look at your future best self. In order to create a compelling vision and access your vocation, you must be in a great state of mind and body first.


Part THREE - CRAFT YOUR BRILLIANT LIFE. The last modules will empower you to play to your strengths and be aware of your hierarchy of values. You'll get better at setting boundaries, saying no and focusing on the essential instead. Finally you'll establish the foundation of your action plan.

The Academy's Interactive Part 
(Secret Group and Expert Advice)


Live Question & Answers sessions.

Patricia will deliver a monthly live Q&A you can ask any question related to the topic of the month or the Self-Study training modules. We'll cover issues like extra intelligence, writing, nutrition, stress management, aromatherapy, self-compassion, marketing for HSP and Gifted Women.


Expert advice & Live Trainings.

Patricia has assembled a network of experts in the fields of high sensitivity, giftedness, creativity and how to lead a meaningful life and serve others or a greater good without burning out. These exclusive interviews with advice around best practices, self-care, self-understanding and coping strategies will not be available else where. 
Patricia delivers also some live video trainings around the topic of the month. There is always a video and audio version of the interviews and trainings available.


Be Yourself in a Community of loving and supportive women.

I aspire to make this the core value added of the Academy. My mission is to empower a 1000 women to live up to their purpose and lead a life full of joy and love before I'm 50.

Being around others who are on a mission, who will dare to be vulnerable and strong, who will not judge you and who deeply care may be what has been missing for you so far. I believe that we always can learn most from being around and exchanging with other people who inspire us.

Patricia and Patty will always make sure that you use their combined mind-and-body-magic to get the best results and have fun along the way.

Patricia Mauerhofer  //  Success Coach

In this Academy I blend my over 25 years of study, practice and first-hand experience in various fields like Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Conscious Communication, Mindfulness, the Mind-Body Connection, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Kinaesthetic learning, Positive Psychology and Coaching into a step by step programme.

Patty Muffins

My fun loving and not so serious Alter Ego Patty Muffins will join me to make sure that there will be plenty of play and experimenting next to the work and learning.

Looking forward to the journey! Patricia

Join Me and My Happy Clients

Working with Patricia allowed me to put the crosses that I was carrying down.

"Patricia  totally understood that I’m an ambivert, and that as a sensitive person I get fuming with the “Get a Thicker Skin” comments. If you are a gifted and talented woman, who has some extra baggage around being gifted, and you’d like to put it down and be comfortable with who you are, then please do go and book some time with her."

Sarah Arrow  //  Chief Marketing Manager, United Kingdom

 I now love myself truly and sincerely – and I make choices according to this new perspective.

"When we started the coaching sessions, I was exhausted, frustrated and confused. With every session, things became a bit clearer, my energy came back and I could feel the connection to my inner self slowly show up again. What an amazing feeling!"

Marie-Laure  //  PhD Student and Lecturer at University, Switzerland

I used to believe I am being selfish if I put my needs first - and​​​​ with Patricia's support I rewired this concept.

"After working with Patricia, I now feed myself with the actual results of how much more I can support others when I am in a good shape. I think that for HSP [Highly Sensitive People] this balance between giving and taking is crucial."

Roxana Cernescu  //  Coach and Trainer, Romania

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Once you're enrolled, you can cancel or change your membership at any time.

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