Marie-Laure Testimonial

I now love myself as I never did before, truly and sincerely – my life has transformed.

I knew I wanted to work with Patricia as soon as I saw her radiating profile on the web. It made absolutely no doubt: I felt a bit frightened, but I had to do it!

And the journey was well worth it: my life was transformed.

When we started the coaching sessions, I was exhausted, frustrated and confused. With every session, things became a bit clearer, my energy came back and I could feel the connection to my inner self slowly show up again. What an amazing feeling!

I had a lot of breakthroughs during this journey with Patricia. Every time we spoke was full of golden nuggets, but if I had to tell the most important shift she helped me to make, it would be this one: I now love myself as I never did before, truly and sincerely – and I make choices according to this new perspective. For we cannot love others if we don’t love ourselves.

I will never have the words to say how grateful I am! If you are trapped in some way or don’t know what the next step in your life is, do not hesitate. Patricia will guide you along the way, softly and precisely at the same time, never judging or counselling: just helping you unfold what’s inside of you!

Marie-Laure | PhD Student and Lecturer at University, Switzerland

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