Marianne Heim

Each coaching session made me feel great and uplifted.

Before being coached by Patricia I was lacking self-confidence and lost sometimes my temper. As only woman in the management team I now apply my signature strengths more consciously. I use my enhanced Social intelligence and Humour to argue in a more rational and factual way that still is authentic.

Each coaching session made me feel great and uplifted. Patricia gave me food for the brain and made me aware of my habitual language pattern which allows me now to choose my words more mindfully.

Patricia’s approach is very structured and considerate. I appreciated her analytical, thoughtful and discreet manners. I chose her as my coach because of her integrity and her professional background, knowing that she lives up to high values and ethics.

If you are results oriented and want to attain genuine wellbeing and success I highly recommend that you contact Patricia. She will empower you to reach your goals.

Marianne Heim | Human Resources Manager, Switzerland

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