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You are a women on a mission – you want to contribute to make this world a better place. Have you found a way to do this while being at your best? If not yet, I invite you to read on and find out how you can realise your vision and magnify your impact while thriving yourself.

Being born in Switzerland, I always considered myself as a ‘lucky one’. There are many people in the world suffering on a survival level on a daily basis. The images of war, famine and pestilence we see watching the news remind us who are living in the rich countries in the northern hemisphere of what we have.

But as you know: for every one life is not always easy. It can even get quite challenging. We women who want to ‘change the world’ and serve others are not always great at staying well ourselves…

Let me share with you my journey from a naïve Swiss travelling around Guatemala at the age of 20 to becoming a success coach for bright women like you.

Working for the Red Cross

I studied International Relations because I wanted to contribute somehow. Born in one of the wealthiest countries of the world, I was drawn to do humanitarian work for example with the International Committee of the Red Cross. Nevertheless, after finishing my Master’s degree I realised that going abroad and putting myself in an environment where war, starvation and torture was going on would be too heavy for me.

A few years later I managed to make my dream come true: I worked for the Swiss Red Cross as an Information Officer. From my office in Switzerland I was researching and writing about the fate of the ‘poorest’ – the victims of war, famine and communicable diseases every day.

Facing the hard truth

It took me several years and another break down to realise that doing this kind of work is too much for me.

© IFRC, Carl Whetham

© IFRC, Carl Whetham

Fact is: focusing on this kind of suffering in the world affects me negatively. Seeing the pictures of Nepal these days – a long time after the devastating earth quake – still provokes a mind-body (stress-)reaction to me. I am so emotional and emphatic; I do not have enough distance. I suffer!

I had to learn to accept and to respect my boundaries. And as a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ these boundaries are different. It was a struggle to accept it!

What to do?

We all suffer! Suffering is part of the human condition: we have to face death, grief, physical pain, sorrow or mental pain and despair.

We that are not prone to earthquakes, warfare or hunger suffer, too. However, we can contribute to make this world a better place in at least two ways:

1          You can alleviate this kind of survival suffering by spending money to trustworthy organisations.

2          Find out what YOUR UNIQUE and special gift is! Know where you can have an impact for others while staying well yourself.

Magnify your impact!

The big question I had kept asking myself after facing the truth was: HOW can I support and empower others being at my best?

I am a catalyst. My unique gift is to empower successful sensitive and creative women to serve others or a greater good and thrive themselves.

I have found a way to make a difference in this world without suffering myself – and today I can empower you to do the same.

Receive the support and guidance you deserve!

Are you feeling disconnected and have lost sight of yourself?

You are a committed woman on a mission to make a difference in the world.

Receive the support and guidance you deserve to realise your vision.

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Patricia Mauerhofer

Teacher, Writer, Coach at Coaching & Mentoring
Patricia Mauerhofer is a Swiss teacher, writer and coach. She uses her fast-paced brain, big heart and intuition to empower highly sensitive and gifted women like you to live a brilliant life.

Combining professional experiences in communication, project management and public health with scientific research around mind-body wellbeing, effective time management, goal achievement and happiness she supports you to harness your sensitivities and play to your strengths.

Working with her allows you to complete your mission and to have time for the things and people that matter most.
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