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Irina Schurov is a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach with a PhD from Cambridge University in Neuroscience. Her mission is to allow millions of children with autism or learning disorders to become healthy and happy again.

Chocolate with Patricia Ep. 02: Irina Schurov

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Being a mother and a scientist, Irina cannot tolerate the alarming statistics about the growing epidemics of chronic diseases and learning disorders in our children and decided to act: she founded LiveRight.

Our eating habits and the health of our digestive system have a huge impact on our life, performance and behaviour. Irina empowers parents to stop and even reverse the suffering of their children. She helps them to avoid toxicity and teaches them how to cook and eat the right food.

Highlights not to miss

  • Dr Irina Schurov reverse autism - Chocolate with PatriciaWhy autistic children are like canaries and what this teaches us about our (toxic) environment.
  • Irina reveals concrete ways on how to help children with autism, allergies, neurologic disorders and other chronic illnesses.
  • What rainbows have to do with spicing up her life and teaching children to get healthy again (around minute 8).
  • How she uses music to enhance her emotions and also to step out of her comfort zone.
  • A secret way of improving her English (you’ll never guess but you can use it, too).
  • What Irina always makes time for and who is a big role model for her.


EL INTI Chocolat Cru 75% (organic & fair trade raw dark chocolate with Chia Seeds)


Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world (live 1967)

A selection of poems by Aleksandr Pushkin

Patricia’s micro class on music, neuroscience and being happy

Learn more about my guest

Dr Irina Schurov is from Russia and lives in Morges, Switzerland – http://liveright.eu


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