Are you sometimes daydreaming about having it all? Does it take magic or are there concrete things you could understand and do so it’s not just a slogan? It’s true: you can have it all (if you are willing to do certain things). How? Learn the 5 keys to get there.

Which are the key mindsets and daily actions that are vital to having a truly wealthy life?

Here is my truth, not The truth. It’s what has worked for me and for my clients.


These are the 5 keys to having it all:

#1  Know your zone of influence

All has to do with knowing your zone of influence in opposition to your zone of concern, see my article Be happy and you will become successful. There are things you can influence and change, and there are others you can’t. Learn to see the difference and act accordingly.


#2  Focus

It’s a question of focus. To live fully, three things are paramount: to have a vision, to see the big picture and to make choices.

You can have it all = all that you consider and choose to be essential now. Essential for your well-being and happiness and the way you define success.


#3  Action

You have to take action. Without action, the biggest dream and the most beautiful and specific vision will not be realised. Take action now and start to live the life of your dreams.

Having it all - earhart quote


And again: you have to (= want to) make choices. You say YES to some things – and afterwards NO, NO, and again NO to other things.


#4  Eliminate internal conflicts

You must gain clarity where conflicting believes or desires stand in your way and keep you stuck. These attitudes lead to expectations like “If you really loved me you would like to eat garlic”. I absolutely love this title of an anthology of essays published in German. The author, Paul Watzlawick, is the teacher of my coaching teacher.

A lot of his work is about happiness and the construction of reality. Another book from this author I can highly recommend is The Situation Is Hopeless But Not Serious (The Pursuit of Unhappiness).


#5  Sustainability

You have to make sure, the desired results are ‘ecological’ and sustainable. This is a systemic approach. Here is what this means in a nutshell: if you make choices and start to take action in order to achieve the goals you focus on this will have consequences.

For example, blogging allows me to write and to ‘spread my love’. The consequence of putting myself ‘out there’ in the public arena, is accepting that not everyone is going to like what I do.

You better be aware of this and prepare before you start to move in the new direction.

If you manage to change things in your life, sooner or later, fear may creep up and you may start to upper limit and to get into your way again…


Your turn now

Now you know all I know. If this is enough for you, great! Go and make it happen. If not Book a Strategy Session with me which will get you moving for sure (I promise).

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