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Barbara Fredrickson not only did groundbreaking research about how positive emotions affect our body and our mind. In her latest book she talks about the link of emotions and micro-moments of connection – love 2.0 – and how they help us to lead a healthy and happy life.

spread love 2.0

We’ve discussed that cultivating positive emotions allows us to live an upward spiral of thoughts and actions all along the way during this 30 day blogging challenge . Moreover, if we positively connect with others, this fosters our own as well as their health and well-being.

Watch this fascinating TED talk “Remaking Love”

Here are a few insights:

Love is not only the lighting bulb moment when you find your one and only partner. Love is also the smile that connects you to other people.

Every interaction you have is an opportunity to give and receive energy and health.

The more of this kind of micro-moments of connection we live consciously, the more we establishe our biological capacity for connection. The heart is a muscle that is connected to the brain through the vagus nerve.

Connecting and spreading love isn’t just good for our health. We are wired to connect. Our heart’s capacity for love obeys the biological law of use it or loose it.

So choose it!

Choose love to connect. Connect an spread love 🙂


As we saw and as you know: smiling connects you to other people.

Therefore, I encourage you once again: smile!

Smile at the people you love, even if they upset you.

Smile at a stranger in the Tube or in the supermarket.

Look in the mirror – and SMILE.

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Photo: Ghita Katz Olsen

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