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Emma Franklin Bell is an author, artist and entrepreneur. She empowers women to be commercially successful using their creativity to build a unique way of doing business and marketing.

Chocolate with Patricia Ep. 03: Emma Franklin Bell

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Emma believes that empowerment comes from the strength and commitment to use ones gifts and be rightly valued in monetary terms for that. Teaching and consulting other entrepreneurs she uses her gifts of perspective and foresight.

Defying gender stereotypes, Emma was naturally always very good at Chess, right from being a little girl. She thinks this allows her to make good decisions and help others make good decisions. Her intuition is strong, too.

Highlights not to miss

Emma F Bell - Chocolate with Patricia

  • Why Emma chooses the ‘Disciplined pursuit of less’ and how this has influenced her life and business
  • How Mary Poppins inspired her to cultivate an element of fun when getting things done.
  • The key to stay childlike and seeing the magic in life (around minute 7)
  • Why Emma thinks that Liz Gilbert is a role model for the generation Y women
  • How she uses her ‘superpower’ perspective – which is also a VIA Strength – to marry analytical thinking with intuition
  • How to nurture your artistic side and what you need to do to share you art with the world – art from Emma


Artisanal Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells (Guylian)


Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

18 Minutes by Peter Bregman

Think and laugh reading ‘Eat, pray, love’

Get out of your way thanks to ‘Eat, pray, love’

Learn more about my guest

Emma works and lives in Sydney, Australia – http://emmafranklinbell.com

Free Book Download: Your Beautiful Business 


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