Deepanjali Sapkota

Patricia made me aware of the bigger goal I had to serve in Nepal.

I wasn’t so clear on this before working with her. With this clarity I actually focused on what was important in my heart and the result is the creation of 3 days event in 2016 to empower and transform the lives of 120 youths!

The Strengths Coaching was another moment of clarity with regards to my views of myself. This session really helped me to move into my top strengths of Spirituality, Hope, Perspective and Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence with assurance, confidence and acceptance. As a result of this I am more assertive at work and dealings with people. I am now giving workshops and have been interviewed for magazines.

What I liked about Patricia is her softness. Her approach is very gentle. Her work perfectly reflects her philosophy: The Kind Way to Experience Success. She is 100% present when she works with you. This is a real gift.

Deepanjali Sapkota | Programme Manager & Life Coach, Switzerland / Nepal

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