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Our Mission



Would you love to contribute to making this world a better place while being at your best?

My name is Patricia Mauerhofer. I’m a Swiss chocolate lover, writer, teacher and coach. I empower bright women to love themselves for who they are not how they perform. (And yes, I can coach and guide you in English, German, Swiss German or French.) I’m happily married (for the second time) and a step mom of four adults. 
When I was coached for the first time in 2001, I knew what I wanted to do in the future: be the facilitator of great shifts in the lives of women who have a lot to share but have not yet dared to “ turn up the volume”.

These women are bright (maybe even brilliant, but they would never call themselves like this).


They have learned to hide who they really are over time; they are dimming their light. They are afraid of scorching others. But the result of them doing this is that they feel stuck, and the world misses out on their brilliance.

Everyone loses!

My Whole Life Changed...

when I discovered the concept of ‘giftedness’


Long before I became a coach for bright women, I earned a master’s degree in international relations and worked in the humanitarian field in order to contribute to the alleviation of the suffering in this world.


But I underestimated the devastating impact this kind of work had on my own wellbeing. (And how can we do good for others while not being well ourselves?!).

Only after exploring the concepts of Highly Sensitive Person and Gifted Adults in 2015 it started to dawn on me that I have a mind, brain and nervous system that are quite different from the vast majority of other human beings. (Note: different not better!)

Understanding my Key Strengths in 2013 and having explored with a coach since 2017 how exactly I am extra intelligent and intensive were two game changers that allowed me even more to love myself for who I am and play to my sensitivities as strengths.


Free Yourself

know yourself in order to love & be yourself


After freeing myself from self-imposed hiding and playing small, I made it my mission to empower at least 1,000 smart, sensitive, empathic and ethical women like you to understand how extraordinary you are, how you are extraordinary and what makes you really happy.

Only from there can you contribute to making this world a better place in powerful ways that are aligned with who you really are.

You Are Not Alone

Meet other extraordinary women like you.


To Your Bright Future & Brilliant Life