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I guess you love getting inspired and finding ways to get clear on what you want and how to pass to action. One way of getting there is to read. Nowadays, thanks to the internet and the number of individuals who publish their thoughts and what they found works, the opportunities are exploding. If you are a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSP) you process information more deeply and therefore it’s wise to choose a few sources and people you trust and rely on.

30 Day Blogging Challenge by Sarah Arrow

Click on the pic and join the challenge here: http://www.sarkemedia.com/blogging-challenges-traffic/

As you know, dear reader, I’m all about choice and time as the number one wealth factor in my life. In fact I try to live it in accordance with Einstein time 😉 .

If you are a solopreneur like me, (and a highly sensitive entrepreneur) there may be periods while building your business where you are ‘sucking in’ loads of information. And maybe others where you are focusing more on creating content than consuming it.

One big game changer in my life as on entrepreneur was to join Sarah Arrow’s (see pic and link above) 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I wrote during 30 consecutive days about spreading, love, being bold and having fun. I came across fantastic bloggers and happily grasp the opportunity share the love.

As I have written on my blog, if you are a Highly Sensitive Person HSP (and even more so if you are HSP AND a so called High Sensetion Seeker), it could be wise to do certain things ‘differently‘.

For women like us sometimes less is more

In order to not get confused and create overwhelm while building your business I believe it’s wise to choose a few people who resonate with you and follow their advice. You are focusing your attention on a few sources of information.

The consequence of this: you must decided at some point which blogs you are reading regularly and very attentively – which means to stop paying attention to the rest.

My top 23 Blogs

These people – 15 women and 6 men – and their message have had a medium to huge impact on my life and my business and / or resonate strongly with the ‘love’ I share here – check them out!

I recommend these people and their work because I personally know them, have worked with them or been coached, taught bey them and love what they do (normal fonts) or because they have inspired and influenced me while building my business and best life (bold).

Building your business in an ethical and authentic way

  1. Sarah Arrow – Sarkemedia and 30 Day Blogging Challenge
  2. Caroline Cain – The Freedom’s Seekers Business Mentor
  3. Nicole Baute – Writing Coach
  4. Elissa Bertot – Favor the Bold Communications
  5. Emma Sargent and Tim Fearon – The Extraordinary Coaching Company
  6. Jenny Andersson – Brand and Business Strategy
  7. Natasha Vorompiova – Systems Rock
  8. Carrie Green – Female Entrepreneur Association
  9. Jennifer Lee – Artizen Coaching / The Right Brain Business Plan

Money matters

  1. Amy Carbone – Denver Money Coach
  2. Harv Eker – The Millionaire Mind
  3. Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Mind-Body Health and Personal Development

  1. Irina Schurov – Live Right
  2. Catherine Franchetti – Natural Healing Connection
  3. Clare Hudman – Advanced Practitioner Lightning Process
  4. Phil Parker – Personal Development Expert, Designer of the Lightning Process
  5. Celestine Chua – Personal Excellence
  6. Leo Babauta – Zen Habits
  7. Peter Bregman – Leadership coaching, time and task management

Highly Sensitive Person HSP and Positive Psychology

  1. Elaine Aron – The Highly Sensitive Person
  2. Rian Niemic – VIA Institute on Character
  3. Shawn Achor – Good Think
  4. Christopher Peterson – The Good Life (see comment below)

As a great source of inspiration I’d like to mention the fabulous series of posts The Good Life by the late Christopher Peterson. They were first published as a blog on Psychology Today and are also available as a book. A beautiful, intelligent and entertaining collection of essays on Positive Psychology and what makes life worth living.

Happy reading!
Thanks for sharing the love.

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