A brilliant life

For bright women

The four pillars of a successful life

Have you been wondering dear reader what a brilliant life might be? Congratulations if the answer is yes, because this means that you have applied the character strengths of curiosity and/or love of learning. Knowing about and using one's top strengths is one of the...

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Don’t waste your creativity on a non-decision like this

Today I felt incapable to take a decision. I needed to make an extra effort to not complaining or even victimizing – things I thought I had banned from my life. What does it take to tap into your power, access your inner wisdom and make smart decisions that allow you...

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Excuses are for other people not for you, right?

I have been silent and not posting for a while. Since I’ve been back from my holidays I have heard voices in my head. “Shame on you!”, says the fat hippopotamus. “Never mind, you needed some rest and you deserve it”, replies Tinkerbell with a giggle. Who is right?...

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Women do you feel the fear (and get to the next level)?

How is your habitual perception of feelings like joy and fear? Do you love the first and loath the latter? Of course you do. My point is that fear can also be a fabulous friend. Let me explain what I mean with this. If you have been reading my blog before you may have...

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How to make a difference in this world at your best

You are a women on a mission - you want to contribute to make this world a better place. Have you found a way to do this while being at your best? If not yet, I invite you to read on and find out how you can realise your vision and magnify your impact...

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The coaching tool that changed my life forever

Being a coach means being passionate about believes, thoughts and perceptions that keep us human beings stuck or allow us to spread our wings and fly high. During  my first coaching session I learned a simple tool that literally blew my mind. Who knows, it might be a...

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