What if I could give you a formula that allowed you to feel fulfilled and happy every single day? Something you can learn, think about and apply at work and at home. Something that is easy to grasp and easy to practice. Let me show you how to experience holistic happiness.

Holistic Happiness - Patricia Mauerhofer

On March 20th we celebrate the International Day of Happiness – but what are we actually talking about when we use the word ‘happiness’?

I’d like to introduce to you the ‘Authentic Happiness‘ Formula. Following these three aspects of living you’ll achieve what the new science of positive psychology calls a ‘Full Life’ and what I prefer to label your ‘Best Life’:

  1. Pleasure plus
  2. Engagement plus
  3. MeaningAuthentic-happiness

You live your Best Life if you experience positive emotions (1) – feel good here and now – while doing something that puts you in a state of flow and is aligned with the goals you want to achieve (2). At the same time, you act and live on purpose and feel connected to something that is bigger than yourself (3).


Live a Brilliant Life

The Greek philosophers distinguished two forms of happiness: hedonic happiness is fleeting and related to sensual pleasures or positive feelings (1). This is the way that people usually think of happiness. When we pursue activities we are fully engaged in (2) and that give meaning and purpose to our life (3) we experience eudaimonic happiness. You can find out more about this in my article Be bold – choose happiness twice.

The most effective way to get to a life where you experience holistic, authentic happiness is to know your strengths and to use them consciously in your work and in your life.

Did you know that you have 24 strengths? Each human being has a unique strengths profile. Knowing and tapping into your strengths is key if you want to thrive in business and in your mind-body!


Act from your zone of excellence

Knowing your unique signature strengths is like uncovering a hidden treasure. It will have a huge and immediate impact on you in all areas of your life. Why? Because you will see clearly what you do best, how you can be more often in your flow and what you can (or should) outsource and delegate.

Learn more on the Science of Character.

If you want to focus your time and energy on your zone of excellence, I invite you to take this free VIA Strengths Survey. Invest TODAY 20 minutes of your time and get your unique order of strengths – and more important: learn about your top 4-7 signature strengths.

My mission is to empower 1000 women to live on purpose and to enjoy themselves for who they are rather than for how they perform. Taking action to live up to my mission allows me to live a Brilliant Life. While making a difference in this world and making money I consciously integrate joy, fun and rest – which keep me in a state of positive emotions – into my life and work. I can use my signature strengths of spirituality, gratitude, love of learning and love when I write posts like this and connect with like-minded people like you.

Thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know how this formula speaks to you.

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